Dont Forget Friday with Friends

This week Friday with Friends will be back…just a chance to share thoughts with all my friends in the blogworld! And I have met some really neat people – something that I really did not anticipate when I started blogging. I hope you will join in the fun – I THINK I even have Mr Linky so you can simply join in yourself:)
So for this week’s discussion – I was thinking about something the preacher mentioned he had heard on the radio…then I heard the same survey results. According to some survey somewhere, Thursday nights tend to be the night most people dislike or are even “down”??? No idea why – they didn’t elaborate.
So – what is my least favorite day….better yet, what is my favorite day of the week? What’s yours?? Share it with us on Friday. And I want to thank everyone for your kind comments yesterday regarding Hubbie’s accident. He is too great – was without a rental car for the first two days of the week so was able to stay home with me:) We had a nice couple days – very productive, actually! And he was back to work today. Life is good!

2 thoughts on “Dont Forget Friday with Friends

  1. Jennifer, I'm glad your husband is OK after the accident. How fun to have him spend time with you too.

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday and my least favorite is Monday.

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