Don’t Just Talk About It

It seems different topics come (and go) in waves.  You hear it mentioned it once, twice and, suddenly, every conversation, post, and even sermon is about that topic.  Some of that might simply be in my head but I do think “buzzwords” are a real thing.  I even looked up the definition – “a word or phrase…fashionable for a particular time…….”.  Maybe it’s not all in my head:)

And there is not necessarily anything wrong with “buzzwords” or the popular topics they represent.  Truthfully, I just find it interesting. Nevertheless, hospitality is a buzzword lately.  Especially in Christian circles.

GO – And, I agree that hospitality is not only important but it also expected of us as believers.  It is something we need to be more mindful of and intentional to practice.  The books written lately, as well as the Instagram challenges, blog thoughts and podcasts, can help us toward that goal.  We are admonished to be given to hospitability so, certainly, we should know what that means, what it looks like and how it practically works out in our own lives.

My thoughts on this Five Minutes Friday are not specifically on hospitality.  Or just that current idea.  If this popular topic follows the pattern of many (most) buzzwords, it will soon be forgotten – as soon as the next one appears.  The command will be the same – to be sure – but all the talk and idea-sharing will fizzle and fade.  And after it does, how quickly will we return to our routine?  Our previous habits – without any real and/or lasting change from all the talk?  Whether it is hospitality, missions, loving our husbands, minimal living, or healthy diet changes.  The topics are endless.

But the topics that affect our outreach – like Christian hospitality – need to be more than just good ideas.  We can share and we can encourage.  But we need to follow through – with the doing.  Our enemy is not so much concerned about our discussing important topics as he is with our implementing them.  In fact, I think he often keeps us preoccupied, even busy, with simply talking and strategizing.  If that makes sense.  Hebrews 13:2 says “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  I may very well entertain angels unaware if I practice hospitality.  But all of the best ideas, if left undone, will not entertain or be of effect to anyone.  And he knows that.

STOP – As I mentioned, not exactly a post about hospitality.  (Maybe not even the encouragement I hoped it would be.)  However, we do need to be doers and not just hearers.  Read the books.  Share advice.  Let others know how you love others, show mercy and invite others in.  For sure, we benefit from one another.  But, afterward, be busy doing as well.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Just Talk About It

  1. I agree, there has been a lot of talk about hospitality recently, and it is a good thing, but the important thing is whether we follow through on the discussion (about this and other topics) and actually put it into action.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lesley. Actions that result from discussion is key to effectiveness. With just about everything:)

  2. Jennifer, good thoughts! Yes, whether or not hospitality is a buzzword, we should be practicing it. It looks a little different for each of us in our various seasons and situations. But, are we seeking to bless the Lord in carrying out His word and showing hospitality to others? That’s a good thought to ponder. Thanks for addressing this!

    1. Motive and goals with our hospitality are key, aren’t they? No doubt….covering everything in prayer is essential. So glad you stopped by!

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