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I mentioned on Monday (somehow I missed an entire day!) the door prizes given away at the ladies’ conference. Just have to say for the record that I won after my name was drawn from an envelope that contained the names of the first twenty people to check in at registration that morning. That’s right….I was an early bird. That was just for a select someone..and you know who you are!!:)

Moving on… one point, she asked all ladies who had not eaten out at any type of restaurant (fast food or otherwise) in the last week to stand. Honestly, my very first thought was, “Who’s gonna stand up?” Really, it was. There were about 75 women that stood. I was shocked – and even more amazed when many were still standing when she narrowed it to eating out in the last month!! The woman who received that door prized had not eaten out – at ANY restaurant or even drive-thru – since Christmas! I’m as honest as I know to be – I couldn’t believe it.

I think eating out has become as common place to me as going to buy groceries…and I don’t say that it is necessarily a good thing – but just the truth. I remember when our children were young, going out to eat was a treat…a big deal, actually. We often used going to a restaurant as a way to celebrate – whether we were celebrating good report cards, a birthday, the big game, or just the start of summer! (We were good at celebrating!) Somewhere in the teen years, eating out became less and less exciting. Perhaps it was just eating out with Mom and Dad:) It seemed it was so difficult to please everyone. Thankfully, we have passed that stage and we enjoy eating out all together again but I can’t say that we see it as a treat – and, in a way, that’s a shame.

Hubbie and I were discussing this the day after the retreat (I was still trying to process all those folks who don’t go out to eat….) and he told me the most interesting fact. He grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I often refer to this part of our state as “the land time forgot”. It is cemented in the past – the distant past. And, for the folks living there, that’s just fine by them. For this suburbanite girlie, however, it was a culture shock. Hubbie left the shore right after graduation from high school when he was eighteen. And in those eighteen years, he remembers eating out one time – that’s right, one time TOTAL in 18 years. He and his family did a lot of visiting friends and family to share meals….especially going to his grandmother’s house. But, as far as going to a restaurant – once. And that was to a restaurant his cousin had opened and he and his parents ate for free. All I could say was Wow.

So, I am too curious. Just how often do you eat out in a week – or a month?? And, while I am asking – do you have a favorite restaurant?? Happy Wednesday:)

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  1. Jennifer~
    With as busy as my life is anymore, I must admit that we eat out about twice a week. Chris in on the road A LOT, so the girls and I often head over to Chick Fil-A for a quick bite to eat during the week. Then, Friday nights are our night out as a family…something I always look forward to! Chick Fil-A is my favorite fast food restaurant and The Kani House (Japanese Steakhouse) is my favorite "splurge" restaurant! I could eat their fried rice until the cows come home! 🙂

  2. Good Morning! I love posts like this and I too will be curious to the answers you get. I will check back tonight to see everyone else's since I am first. = )

    Like you when my kids were growing up eating out was just not something that happened. Every once in a while we would get hamburgers at McDonalds on Tues night cuz you could get them for 35 cents. Looking back now, what a bargain. We would buy a bunch of hamburgers and come home and have our own drinks and sides…But as the kids grew and started leaving home and there wasn't as many to buy for, we began eating out frequently. Mel ate out regularily with her girlfriends at expensive places as that is just what they did, haha…She was the only one left at home and never felt the crunch of the money belt like her brothers. Then we have gone through a period where we would eat out at least one or two lunches during the week, and at least one to two dinners on the week-end. However, ever since last July when I started on Jenny Craig we barely ever eat out. I have mainly brought my food along when we do and then order a salad or do the salad bar if they have one. A few times I have just eaten the food as best I could. "Eating out" for me means to go to a nice restarant, being served, and spending time with someone special. I guess grabbing a quick lunch when you are out shopping or running errands IS eating out, but I have never counted it, haha…and like I said for the last 7 months I simply don't do anyway. Fast food is not something we have ever done much of for dinner. Though we of course have. Soooo, in summary, right now in my life there is not much eating out at all. I do consider eating out an occasion and we do it for special celebrations and events. Sometimes it is nothing more than lunch with a good friend, but I do consider that special. Believe it or not though I have actually noticed we spend a lot less money a month now since I have been on Jenny even though their food is expensive in my opinion. Very tasty, but expensive. Just goes to show you how much we were really spending on eating out. I think it is because like I said, IF I am going to eat out, it is rarely fast, inexpensive food. I take my eating pretty seriously, haha.

    How I wish we lived close enough to grab lunch together Jennifer. I have a feeling we could just talk and talk and talk. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie

  3. Jennifer,

    Can't believe your husband only ate out once! Hard to believe!

    We LOVE to eat out!

    As the budget has gotten tighter and the kids have gotten bigger, though, we have found ourselves eating out less and less.

    On a busy week, we will sometimes eat out 4-5 times, but we are trying to cut that back to 1-2 times at most.

    So convenient, so easy, so good!

    Thanks for the reminder that it really is a privilege!

    And thank you for stopping by and offering so many nice words on my blog.

    Hope you have a wonderful day…

  4. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for the help on the blog! I hit the jackpot, and found some new buttons!

    You'll have to stop by when you get a minute and let me know what you think!

    Appreciate you…


  5. With is just being my husband and myself at home, we eat out a lot. Some weeks we eat out almost every day for dinner at night. We eat out the most during the week when we are working and I tend to cook more on the weekends when I am home and have time to cook. We share meals when we go out, since servings tend to be so huge. That way our meal prices are not high. (From last Friday until today-Wednesday, I have eaten out 7 times) Love & blessings from NC!

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