Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today.  Sometimes all that eleven years can entail is too much for my brain to process.  It can seem like a lifetime and then, other times, it feels as fresh as if it were yesterday.  But, every day, for eleven years – on the good days, the bad days and all the days in between, God has been faithful.  He has upheld me and strengthened me.  He has encouraged and wiped away tears.  He has, indeed, given beauty where I could only see ashes.  He is good!

I received a note this week from one of Tyler’s childhood friends.  What a blessing just for her to acknowledge “I’m thinking of Tyler, too!”  She included this poem that she wrote several years ago.  I will let it speak for me today.  Thank you, Kimberly.

Ty, my special angel friend
I miss your curly red hair,
the smile and awkward nods,
the laughs and fake guitar.
Never to joy in throwing your cap
or walking down an aisle.
The things we value on earth 
were you robbed,
but you got the joys of Heaven.
What are earthly things
compared to that glorious place
Why should I selfishly wish you back?

2 thoughts on “Eleven Years

  1. This is beautiful and really touching. How sweet of her to send it. It makes me happy to know that so many other people love Tyler and miss him as much as we do. But, then again, how could they not!
    143, Em

  2. Hello Jennifer. I'm honored that you visited my blog and shared your link. What a beautiful online space you have here. I am sorry you are experiencing a tough "anniversary" of your son's passing. Praying God's comfort for you tonight.

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