Em Turns Twenty-one!!

A special wish for my little girl (author unknown)….I hope that this day is everything perfect for you!! You fill Dad and my hearts with more joy, pride and love than we could ever imagine!!
How could it be so long ago
You were just a babe in arms
Melting everybody’s heart
With all those baby charms.
How could the years have gone so quick
It seems like yesterday
When you were just a little girl
Running out to play.
Did somebody put forward
The precious hands of time
And turn our little daughter
Into a woman so sublime?
For here you are today
All grown up – and lovely too
A warm and gentle person
So special through and through.
And all those childhood charms you had
Have grown with you each day
And made you much more special
Than words could ever say.
So Em, may all the dreams
You hold within your heart
Come true and bring you happiness
From which you’ll never part.
Congratulations on your 21st Birthday
I love so much, Mommy
(More special thoughts on my “baby” this Thankful Thursday….)

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