Enough Already

Tuesday, again. And off to Bible study which is always a great way to start the week….ok, one day short but you get the idea. Its been a whole week since election day. I was thinking about last week’s elections…..and, then, how the craziness has already started. Newly elected representatives all declaring they know exactly what “the people” want; but the only ideas I ever really hear these polictians support are very vague thoughts that are basically “anything opposite of what he supports”!

Around our town, there has often been a favorite saying among our avid football fans. “I cheer for the Redskins and any team playing Dallas!” I don’t really know why we cling to this tradition of rivalry with the Cowboys and I don’t suppose any of those die-hard fans do either but it is what it is. And that type of cheering is fun – and funny! – with football, but the leaders of our country have to have more of an agenda than simply “against whatever the other party stands for.” The constant finger pointing, name calling and incessant effort to only undue what has been done (without a solution to replace it) is not fun, funny or even effective.

And that is my soapbox for today:) Let’s be diligent to pray for our leaders…the newly elected ones and all the others in office as well. One side note – one candidate here locally that I was so hoping to see get elected…lost. By five hundred votes. Hundreds of thousands of votes and he loses by five hundred. That is like training for months to run the Marine Corps Marathon, running your heart out…and losing by 22 seconds. Ugh. That hurts.

9 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. I am clapping at the end of your soap box speech, haha…Seriously though it is just so true. Hubby and I were talking about that very thing last night. Soo frustating. Enjoy your Bible study. I had to drop out of mine as it is the same morning as my day taking care of mom. I too will be scurring out of the door soon. BTW, yes my parents will be at my house for Thanksgiving along with my stepsister too who lives up north and has never married. She is the one on the far right in the picture of last Thanksgiving on my header. I LOVE that pic of my mom (center front in the purple) she looks soo young and soo happy. We had such fun taking that pic in all the aprons I made, ah, good times. Please pray for my mom if you get the chance. She is coming along really well with her healing process, but for some reason is sinking into a depression. I guess this is common for stroke victims, but is NOT common for my mom. She is always been soo up. Have a wonderful day. HUGS…

  2. Good soap box! 🙂

    I was so disappointed to hear the news about that local candidate…my goodness! He definitely gave it a good shot…last time he ran, the results were very close, too, and he ran against the same politician. Maybe next time!

    Enjoy your Bible Study.

  3. We need to lift up our leaders in prayer often. Pray that they do the job we the people have elected them to do and that they abide by our constitution. Most do not realize what our founding forefathers stood for.
    Great post!

  4. Jennifer, you and I will have to meet each other one day. That would be so fun. I don't think we are that far from each other. Would you mind sending me your address? I would like to have it, as I love to send out cards, etc. throughout the year. If I had your address, I have misplaced it. Emptynesttales@gmail.com Thanks! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. All our leaders need our prayers for sure. I can't always honor the man who holds the office but I can honor the office. Does that make sense? I think it does.

  6. Hey Miss Jenn,
    I so agree with your post!! We must get down to the real business of running the country!! We indeed need to pray pray pray for this country and our leaders!! Amen and Amen!

    Thanks for coming by and for your well wishes for our Anniversary.
    We had a good time, and a very good time yesterday as well.
    Can't believe it can be 40 years,
    doesn't seem possible really!!

    Have a great rest of the week,
    Blessings to you hon, Nellie

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