Happy Birthday, Erica!! Today is my step-daughter’s 30th birthday and I want to wish her the sweetest day ever!

Her father and I met when she was just a little thing – five years old – and I am very (very) blessed to have watched her grow and become the beautiful woman, wife…and Mommy to Riley!!..that she is today! She is a joy to both of us.

She is a little stressed about “leaving her 20s” but if for no other reason than the next 30 years will have Riley in them….I can say for sure, it only gets better! Enjoy your day sweetheart – we wish we were there!! Love ya, Erica.

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  1. Jennifer,

    I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back with you. Man, I was away from the computer just too long! I was blessed to meet another sister that I have so much in common with! Although, I’m sad that the “thing” that instantly bonds us is the “death” of our sons. (I’ve retrained my way of thinking.. death to me is just separation, it’s NOT an end! Amen?)

    Anyway.. I was SO BLESSED to read your comment and am so thankful to have met you!


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