EWomen’s Conference 2009

The conference last Friday and Saturday was a great weekend. I really enjoyed the speakers – there was even a time during Karen Kingsbury’s talk where she recognized grieving moms..imagine that!..which was very special. As much as anything, I really enjoyed the time spent with my girlfriend (from my college days, even!) and her family! We spent the evenings at Deb’s parent’s house – what a sweet testimony both her parents have….both faithfully serving the Lord wherever the Lord has them with such sweet spirits!

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg…for taking me in again – just like old times!!

Debbie and her mom

The conference center was pretty packed. It doesn’t look like it from this picture but we could actually see really well (although the screens were nice, too!)…but I liked being up a bit higher – it wasn’t quite as loud. So, how do you know you’re really getting old?? You use ear plugs during the praise and worship band!! (Yes, Em…I did!) It was really loud! This picture is during Amy Grant’s concert – and, no earplugs! 🙂 She played her own music on the guitar, which I really enjoyed.

There were several speakers during the conference – Stormie Omartian, Karen Kingsbury, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and do you recogonize this speaker?? Candace Cameron Bure – or maybe you remember DJ Tanner on Full House! (again, showing my age!) She was super cute…and what a great testimony!

OK – so we caught Mrs. K mid-blink (sorry about that) but I included this picture to ask, once again, why do I seem so crazy tall around my friends?? I not really THAT tall but my friends must be really short because I always seem to be towering everyone!

What a sweet family – thanks guys!! Hope to see you again before another 10 years rolls by!!

4 thoughts on “EWomen’s Conference 2009

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    So glad you got to see your friend from college and her family. Isn't it so neat to see people who
    mean so much to you after all those years! Really Sweet!
    Looks like it was a great conference as well. So glad you
    had such a great time.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. so i don't even think i need to comment on the earplugs… just play out my comments in your head, you know them already 🙂 buttttt im glad you had fun

    also, could we maybe delete the link to the timeline pictures of my horrible wardrobe/makeup choices? 🙂

    love you! see you tomorrow!

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