My little buddy, David, had a dentist’s appointment yesterday…his very first one! He has been waiting for this appointment for weeks and we were excitedly looking forward to his visit the night before after our evening service. Just to be a tease, my hubbie told David to “beware the drill”!! Now was that nice?!? Didn’t even faze David…he didn’t get it. You see, he’d never been to the dentist…..there was no reason for him to be apprehensive about cavities – and drills (unlike some adults we know!)

I was thinking about our chat – and giggles – later after I’d gotten home. It occurred to me – there was no reason for someone else’s experience at a dentist to ruin or tarnish David’s trip…..he couldn’t get there fast enough! I could apply this lesson to several things in my life. There have been things I have wanted to try – even things I believe the Lord was asking me to try….yet, I allowed someone else’s negative experience to shake my confidence (in myself and in God’s leading) or even deter me. This need not be the case. Whatever path the Lord leads me to walk down, I can go confidently….even excitedly – expecting great things!

Just because certain someones have had one too many cavities, does not mean I need to fear the dentist!

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  1. I can’t believe your hubby said that…for shame, for shame! 🙂 Of course, my Mr. Smarty Pants of a husband would totally have done the same thing! I love how you learned a lesson from the whole experience and it was spot on! We can’t be influenced by what has happened with other’s experiences because we might be passing up a valuable opportunity.

  2. Your posts always give me ‘pause for thought’. Thanks for the reminder that even the small things that I say can effect someone negatively or positively depending on MY attitude.

  3. so very true! what a great reminder. i’m glad he was excited to go! ella likes going to the dentist too, and the emergency clinic, and her pediatrician’s office, lol.

  4. Adorable graphic! I hope it turned out well! My kids still love going to the dentist (they get balloons…wonder when the novelty of that will finally wear off? :))

  5. Jennifer,
    I know I’ve been to your blog before. I also remembering seeing the picture of your son Tyler. I thought I remembered emailing you or commenting on your blog – BUT I can’t find evidence of that anywhere! And I didn’t know your story until today.

    I just read about your sons brain tumor and going to be with the Lord. Oh dear sister, my heart is so tender towards you. I’m sorry you were called to such sorrow.

    I’m assuming you know my story since you read my blog, so you know that I lost a 6 year old daughter. I know the pain and heartache that goes along with that. I know what a sad place it is to be. Yet, I also know that God is amazingly real to us through those times and somehow we do flourish through those horrible (beautiful) trials.

    Have we been in touch? It seems that I remember commenting on your blog title before. This blogging world is so strange! It’s so hard to keep track of where you’ve been! ha!

    Blessings to you today friend.
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

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