Father’s Day 2020

Happy Friday.  It’s Father’s Day weekend.  Although it has been 20 years (yes, twenty!!  It is hard to imagine) since I last saw my dad on this earth, I tend to get nostalgic – if not a bit emotional – on special weekends last these.  I am so grateful for the relationship that I enjoyed with my dad….and for the years of memories that I keep tucked in my heart.  Of course, I also appreciate (and love!) other dads.  My husband and father of my children.  I’m so glad we have created and loved this home and our family together.

And there is my brother.  This year, of course, has been a unique and challenging year for all of us.  Even without pandemics, quarantines and current situations, my brother has had his own (extra share of) personal upheavals and disappointments.  But I always admire his determination, his commitment to his family, and his resolve to find the positive.  The following is a repost from several years ago – including a photo of his boys and him.  He is a good father. I hope he knows that and will be encouraged this weekend.

From June 2009

I have had a good time this week thinking about the different dads I know and love – and I hope all of them have a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend! Just one more I want to mention….my brother!

My brother is the good-looking one in our family. He is also, by far, the brilliant one in our family. Growing up, we both did well in school; however, I studied – and studied hard – for my grades while he glanced at his books and got the best of grades (and, no, I still have not let go of that fact after all these years!) He has Mom’s charismatic personality. He is easy to like and everyone likes him! He has Dad’s strength of character.

Isn’t it funny how family members each seem to fill certain roles in a family? I’ve always been intrigued by that. My brother has always been the peace-maker in our family…and wants everyone to be happy – often at the expense of his own desires. He is a great dad…very devoted to his two boys. I admire how involved and “hands-on” he is with my nephews.

Scott – I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!! I love you, little brother!


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2020

  1. Mother’s and Father’s Day are ticklish for us. I am not the mother of PC’s children. They do have a strained relationship with their mother, no relationship with me. Paul’s daughter has no relationship with my husband, her father, and his son has only a lukewarm relationship with Paul. Sad all the way around.

    Paul is not the father of my girls. One of my daughters does not speak to their father at all. The other daughter only talks with him on rare occasions. Both of my daughters have a relationship with me and with Paul.

    But we don’t really celebrate these holidays at our house. I do think of my own father who has been gone 8 years. Would love to hear what he thinks about all that has happened in 2020.

    Wishing your husband and brother a happy Sunday.

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes for a nice day yesterday. Relationships can be so tangled and delicate…certainly makes the ones the dear and close ones that much sweeter!

  2. i love this ode to your father and your little brother.

    thanks for this lovely reminder to reach out to those men in our lives who have cared for us well, friend ….

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