A Financial Blessing

I know there is a wide array of opinions among Christians concerning credit cards – to have or not to have…to use or not to use. Some are completely against them and some view them as very convenient as long as they are managed, while others think of them as a necessity (like a cell phone necessity). The point of this blog is not to offer my opinion on credit cards or credit, in general; however, for my husband and I…we believe the Lord would strive for us to be debt-free and we do not have any credit cards – fine.

Funny, every year the devil loves to revisit this temptation around the holidays. His tactic is always the same – lies (“you need this”…”just one small card”…) but is the master of deceit and makes his lies sound as if they might make sense (“the economy is so bad”….”you’re able to handle credit after all these years”….”everyone else”..and blah, blah, blah)!! That is the way Satan always works – the same old lies just refashioned, twisted and turned. It doesn’t take long before you start thinking, “Welll…” but, STOP! When Satan gets me to where I begin to doubt, I always ask the Lord if He changed His mind. Usually I know the answer before I even ask!

Back to my post…..we did not get a credit card – and we all had a very nice Christmas – and what a blessing to start 2009 realizing we had NO credit debt!! This week, we received a financial blessing…an unexpected blessing…from the Lord. I wish I could share the details but that’s not the point of this post either. I just wanted to use today to give Him all the praise. He is so very good to us!

6 thoughts on “A Financial Blessing

  1. that’s great Jennifer. we belive in not using credit cards either, unless it’s an absolute emergency. it’s a great feeling to be debt free.

  2. Good morning, Jennifer,

    God is always so good to us! What a wonderful surprise He gave you.

    The soup sounds really good…May have to try that one really soon.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    We don’t use credit cards unless it’s a “have-to” scenario. They can really get people into a lot of trouble. Congrats on being credit card debt-free! Woo Hoo!!! And, yes, GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

  4. Loved this post! It was not only inspiring, but very encouraging! We do carry a couple of credit card balances and looking forward to having the victory this year in paying them both off! God is good and He does not want us to be bound to debt! Amen! Thanks for sharing my sister!

  5. hey Jennifer. That’s really weird about the writing on my blog (you having a hard time seeing it). Hmm, wonder what it is… I haven’t had anyone say anything.. I could try to darken it. let me see what i can do. keep me updated as to how you’re seeing it.

  6. Good for you. We are the family with a credit card that stays paid off. We have also been on the other end where it took a while to pay off. We are down to two cards and we will not have debt for Christmas this year either. It is a great feeling. Jackie

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