Front Royal

Fall is in the air:) Yesterday was my once a month ladies’ day out with a fun group of friends! I so look forward to these days – we also have so much fun together and always seem to find our way to some of the neatest places. Yesterday we ventured towards the mountains – to the quaint town of Front Royal. I’ve lived here pert near all my life. I’ve been passed, through, and around Front Royal many times (usually on the way to the mountains) but had never been downtown – a genuine Main Street, USA.What a pleasant day! Main Street was lined with the cutest collection of antique stores, thrift shops and other ecletic shops filled with bargains and treasures just waiting to be discovered!
There were fourteen of us in yesterday’s group and I really think just about everyone of us found at least one treasure! It was a great shopping day:) And we found a yummy coffee/sandwich shop and had a really good lunch. I’ll give you two guesses as to what kind of sandwich I had??
The Banana Bob! Yep, bananas, peanut butter, honey and granola on whole wheat! So delicious – and wouldn’t my mama be proud. She made a mean banana sandwich…I can attest to that. We weren’t so fancy as to have granola on ours…just bananas and peanut butter (and a bit of mayo…I know, I know, but it was the perfect match with the peanut butter!) and you had one delicious sandwich!!
Years later, I tried these on my kids…..and, uh, NO. What can you do??So, yes, I did find a great treasure myself! I came home as tickled as if it were Christmas morning:) Can’t tell you what it was ’cause I don’t have pictures yet. Actually, it was a set and I could only get half of it home yesterday. I was so excited to even get one part in the van yesterday. The fun thing, though – Hubbie and I are headed back this morning to get the other half. He has never been there, either, and I know he will enjoy it as much as I did.I wonder if he will be up for a Banana Bob for lunch?? I’ll let you know:)

6 thoughts on “Front Royal

  1. Good Morning! Sounds like a fun day and you have definitely got my curosity up, haha…looking forward to seeing your "find"…and I got to tell you that sandwhich sounds absolutely wonderful to me…yummmm Have a wonderful day. HUGS!

  2. I had a banana and peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday too! Oh yummy. Now I don't like peanut butter and mayo together on the sandwich, it has to be either or, or but Mark likes both. I'll have to try honey on my next one!

  3. Cute post, Jennifer! Love the pictures and the look of the Front Royal!

    I don't know about banana sandwiches, but you go, girl!

    Thanks for being consistent to stop by and say "hey."

    Sorry I haven't been as regular. I have gone back to work full time, and I'm not used to my new schedule yet!

    Praying you are doing well and experiencing great beauty from the ashes of life!


  4. Hi Jenn,
    Now that is a new one on me, a banana bob sandwich. I do love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, in fact, survived on them my last month of pregnacy with my son!! Dr. said at least it was a healthy choice!! lol
    Adding granola does sound interesting, I might just have to try that.
    that lil town sound quaint and fun too, can't wait to see your new find. Hopefully by Monday!! lol
    Blessings hon, have a fun day,

  5. Hi Jen! Just wanted to say that I laughed when I read that you got the banana Bob cause I LOVE that sandwhich and eat it all the time! Lately it's been at like, 10pm at night, but still! So yummy…how can anyone resist these? I've also been craving just plain peanut butter. SUPER yummy. I toast a bagel and then seriously lather it in peanut butter. But not just ANY peanut butter. The only one I really like and have a huge craving for is Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter. For some reason, the taste is amazing!

    When I went to Asbury for that year, my roomates and I had to pull a LOT of overnighters with studying and all, so one evening we went to the store and bought every single brand of peanut butter AND every single brand of popcorn. Then we had so much fun that night sampling and testing ALL the peanut butters and ALL the popcorns!

    I can't for the life of me remember which popcorn was the best but I definitely remember the peanut butter! Peter Pan reduced fat (not the crunchy one…just regular). So yummy!

    Love you!


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