A Fun Week Ahead

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Mon., Jan. 11

Outside my window… it is still frigid – will there ever be a break in this cold weather??

I am thinking… about Erica and Riley arriving tomorrow! And now there are snow flurries in the forecast. While I would love for Riley to see her first snow falling, I sure hope they do not experience any delays because of weather – Erica will, no doubt, be at her limit with two hours on the plane!

I am thankful for… Maria loaning us a car seat for the week (again). We have to rent a crib (which is okay) and checked into renting a car seat as well – 60 dollars! What?? I hate to repeatedly borrow from my friends but I became somewhat desperate at that price. I am now on the hunt for a good used one to buy and have from now on – goodness.

I am wearing…warm, winter clothes…again. I don’t know if I’ll ever go out without three layers again!

I am remembering…how beyond excited my mom used to get when we would head down to North Carolina for a visit – she planned for days! She would fill the pantry and refrigerator to overflowing with everyone’s favorites and always had little gifts and goodies for the kids (one of her love languages was definitely gifts!) She spoiled all of us and everyone always looked forward to going to Mimi’s house!! I am getting the idea of how much fun it is looking forward to the visit!

I am going… to get my puppy groomed today – and not a minute to soon, I might add! He is looking grungy!

I am reading… all the updates on Baby Ryan at his Mommy’s blog. What a miracle boy – that I actually met and fell in love with while volunteering at Children’s – and such a great story!! He came home this weekend!!!

I am hoping… Jordan can get some leave approved sometime soon – and can come home for a visit!!

On my mind… (and on my heart) is Melanie, another momma missing her boy, and just trying to imagine what that day in Heaven will be like when we are all together again.

From the kitchen… I am trying to decide what to cook while Erica and Riley are here. This new diet kinda takes the fun out of meal planning – I’m doing all the planning (and cooking) but don’t get to eat it!

Around the house… we are getting ready for a toddler! What fun:)

Plans for the week… be flexible!! I have some ideas for things to do with Miss Roo and her mom….but we will see what actually pans out. I DO plan to go to a book signing at the Christian bookstore and hope to meet Dr. Stanley. I’ve never been to one of these type of events – do you actually get to meet and talk with the author? I’ll let you know.

One of my favorite things… shoes for Miss Riley! Could shoes for toddler girls be any cuter?? I could probably buy a new pair every day – adorable ones are everywhere I go! That girlie probably has more pairs of shoes that I do:)

9 thoughts on “A Fun Week Ahead

  1. Oh Jennifer I am soo excited for you. How fun…I have ended up buying my own carseats (a baby one, and a booster for 5 year old) used, and just leave them in my car. Of course I do babysit them every week so this is more of a necessity. But I was HORRIFIED at what they cost these days, so I went the used route. They are perfect. I have had Melanie on my mind a lot too. Soo much to bear. I agree, dieting takes the fun out of cooking, haha…and don't even get me started on little girls shoes. SOOOOO darling. I just recently (sat) bought my littlest cutie some new ones too. Grandma has such a hard time resisting. Have a WONDERFUL time with your daughter and Miss Roo. I'll be looking forward to seeing some pics of your fun. Blessinga, Debbie

  2. Hi jennifer, enjoyed your blog today, I love peeking into others' lives – that's one of the fun things about blogs! I prayed for your mountain to move for your loved one. I've also prayed last night and today for you.

    I loved seeing all that snow!!!! I was raised in Florida and live in Charlotte, NC now and wish we got more snow here!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    How fun it will be to have a toddler around. It's exhausting at times, too. lol
    I, like you have Melanie on my mind, as well as you.
    You guys sure have the snow on the ground in your back post.
    I keep a pack-n-play on hand and side rails for the regular bed for who ever the situation fits. It works out well that way for us.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. Love having you.

  4. Morning Jennifer,
    So good to hear from you. Your grandaughter is just adorable and I bet you are gonna have such fun with her.
    Thanks for stopping by the last few days. Yea, I love dark chocolate now, I didn't use to like it, but it has grown on me and I don't even like milk choc now. Isn't that wierd! But…
    it has to have nuts or pretzels with it or fruit, that is good too!
    That was such a cute story about your son and the Honey bees. I died laughing, they learn early don' they!! lol
    and yes, that is a fairly recent pic on my profile page. Think it was taken in the late summer sometime. I was actually holding my grandaughter dog Rosie, but had to crop her out, poor baby!! lol
    We are still freezing here too.
    Went to 25 last night, and it was only suppose to go to 37 I think!
    Go figure!
    Hope you have a Wonderfully fantastic time with your daughter and grandaughter making memories.
    Blessings hon,

  5. Good morning, Jennifer~
    Just letting you know that I left something for you on my blog today. Hope all is going well with Erica and Miss Roo!

  6. Hi! For now the plant is in the garage but it will probably be going to Goodwill. 🙂 Cody might try to slip it in the attic though if he doesn't want to take it in his car. 🙂

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