God, Mold Me

Its Thankful Thursday! Not a usual thankful post for me as I am keeping a running list on my sidebar this month. I know several who are keeping up with this “challenge” for the month of November….aren’t you enjoying it? It really is good to purposefully list out our blessings each day. I’ll admit some days the devil really wants me to think I’m having a “no blessing today” type of day – but he is wrong! God is always good.

Now I’m just wondering if it would too silly to list “peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes” as a blessing:) Seems several of you have already discovered this yumminess. If you haven’t…what are you waiting for??

I did have a thought today. Recently I viewed a video from Florence Littauer – quite the humorous lady! – about her “silver boxes” or encouraging words. I have actually read the book and when the video began, I was somewhat disappointed thinking that I had already heard this. Oh my…there was so much more. She shared much of “her story” and some of the paths and journeys that God has taken her through – especially as a mother. I won’t give it away here (but it is well worth reading) but there have, indeed, been some very difficult trials and valleys for this lady. I do not remember any of this from reading the book – but, my, what a new perspective and respect you have for a speaker after you hear their story.

And I have begun to notice something. Speaker, writers and other “well-known” Christians that I enjoy and admire – and I think are really leaving an impact and influence on others – all seem to have some very difficult days and years in their testimonies. Do I think that you have to have suffered deeply or endured tragedy in order to be used by God? No. But I am coming to believe that very often it is in those deep valleys that God can most effectively mold us and grow us into more – even the most – effective servants for Him.

Looking back over the most difficult times in my life…and in preparation for those times that may lie ahead, perhaps I need to be asking “why me?” or “why this?” alot less and crying out, “God, use even this” much more.

8 thoughts on “God, Mold Me

  1. Oh Jennifer I have just recently it seems come to the same conclusion. It just seems to be true. This last year for me has been one of my most difficult for sure, and yet the Lord has used it to teach me more than I ever thought and drawn me into a MUCH closer walk with Him. I also see how he is using Elaine @ Peace for the Journey, and Stacy @ His will not mine. What TREMENDOUS testimonies they are for the power, strength of and love of God. He truly is using them in such a mighty way. In my life anyway for sure. This was a great post. Have a wonderful day my friend…oh, and I think I might just get my grandson Jeffie and try one of those peppermint wonders…HUGS

  2. Mmmm, that shake makes me think of my favorite ice cream flavor, Peppermint Stick.

    Although I've not lost a child to death like you, I do know those feeling of being in the fire, walking through the valleys, being pruned and humbled. Reading other blogs, like yours, makes me realize that I have a lot of growing to do. Sometimes it's so hard to see the good in the situation, and wonder how it figures into God's plan.

    Hope you have a blessed Thursday. Your post certainly blessed me (as usual!).

  3. Quite the challenge, isn'nt it? Your testimony (as well as that of your Hubbie) are a real blessing to me…and so many others at our church! So thankful that God is in control…and as we heard so beautifully on Sunday, "for I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know He holds my hand."

  4. It seems (for me anyway) that God gets my attention thru the difficult times in my life. Why is it that sometimes He needs to hit us up the side of the head in order for us to listen? Our Lord is always so patient, loving and compassionate with me.

  5. I have had some very difficult challenges in my life these past 7 years, but God has used it all for good and I have certainly grown so much in the process. I am comforted to know that even though I have had many trials in my life, I know that God will NEVER give me more than I can handle and that He will give me all I need to face those trials. Thanks so much for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Hi Jenifer,

    What a blessing your post is today. Sometimes I get so caught up in the, "why me or why my family", that I forget it all HIS. After Mal went to Heaven,, I can honestly say that my trust in Him is so much more than ever before. I wouldn't have made it 1 week let alone 6 years without Malorie if God were not walking with me.

    It's amazining how our Angels still continue to teach us lessons while they wait for us in Heaven!

    Yes, sad things still happen, but I know for sure, GOD IS GOOD.

    God Bless,

  7. Jennifer, I was thinking about you and decided to stop by your blog….I've been quite delinquent in reading blogs and posting on my own. Anyway, I loved this post! I always think of Joseph and all the "stuff" he went through to mold him into the man that God could use for His specific purposes.

    I prayed a prayer for you today…and so glad our lives intersected even for that brief weekend at She Speaks 🙂

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