Good Food and Music

I really enjoy living so close to the Nation’s Capitol….there are so many fun things to enjoy. One evening last week, my girlfriend and I rode up to Old Towne Alexandria. (This was supposed to be a “double date” night but both of our hubbies had unexpected plans come it was a girl’s night instead!)

The weather was perfection. The traffic was…well, heavy but nothing unusual. We got a primo parking space – without having to parallel. And I think I had the best pizza ever. I’ve said before I’m a “take it or leave it” gal when it comes to pizza but this was yummy. We ate at Bugsy’s Pizza – apparently owned by a former NHL player. I don’t know a thing about hockey but his restaurant sure is a hit!

After dinner, we headed over to the Torpedo Factory….totally cool place. It actually was once a torpodo factory – back in the early 1920s – and is now art center where local artists of all kinds rent spaces and are working, teaching classes, etc. that you can observe and talk to while they work. I certainly would not describe myself as artsy but the factory is a lot of fun. (Amazing some of the things that will sell for thousands of dollars?!?!)

That evening, inside the factory, there was a concert by the United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”…..very informal, relaxing and a great music. I was expecting patriotic music but it was classical – and these guys did an awesome job.

This trio was fantastic – a flute, harp and violin. I also heard a marimba – which I had never even heard OF before…totally cool. Looked liked a huge xylophone and had a real Caribbean sound to it. But I have to admit, my favorite was the English horn. I had never heard one of those either but I loved it. A brass instrument that sounded like a wind instrument.:) Very pretty.

After dinner, we had some ice cream at Pops! Would an evening out with spring weather so perfect be complete without ice cream?? Also wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts regarding fasting….I intend to really look into this more. Perhaps I will share more as I learn. Did anyone notice the suggestion that fasting does not have to simply be from food but can various things……such as blogging!! WHAT?!?! :)just kidding And thank-you for all the prayers with regard to my scan – no results yet.

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