Happy Monday – and I am more than (my typical) ready and even excited for this Monday.  A fresh week and a fresh beginning.  My weekend did not go at all how I had hoped and/or planned.  Granted, I did not have much in the way of plans – I know it is time to still take things easy – but I had really hoped to return to church and, especially, to my Junior Church kiddos.  That did not happen.  Actually, not much of anything happened.  Pain management continued to elude me….and, if I’m honest, I spent most of my weekend discouraged.  And, yes, hurting.  I do have a new medicine that seems to be working.  And….it is Monday!  My favorite and a breath of fresh air:) I really feel like this week is going to be better….a good one even!  So, happy Monday friends!!  Embrace it and have a beautiful week.

I thought I would just share a quick thought for you take into the new week.  When we are discouraged.  When we feel like we have taken the same request, the same care or the same plea to God over and over.  When discouragement can even leave us feeling angry – or misunderstood.  It’s okay.  You are in good company AND God knows.  He understands….and He is kind, compassionate and so patient with us.

You (as in, we) are in good company.  I’ve mentioned that this semester’s Bible study is on Exodus.  This week I was studying God’s call on Moses.  His plan for Moses to be the one to not only lead the Israelites out of bondage but also to confront Pharoah.  Moses repeatedly objects and yet God patiently bears with him.  Moses eventually humbles himself and moves forward in obedience.  But all is not an easy cakewalk.  Not only does Pharoah scoff but he makes the burden harder – and life so much harder – for the children of Israel.  An discouraged, and angry, Moses goes back to God and says (in my paraphrase), “I knew this was a bad idea!!”

God does not respond in anger.  He reassures Moses.  He reminds Moses of His promises/covenants.  Reminds Moses who is in control – and it is not Pharaoh.  Over and over (in Exodus 6), God reminds Moses of all He is already told him.  But, Moses apparently needed to hear it again.  And, again, God is longsuffering and patient with Moses.  And I know He is the same with me.  When I don’t understand.  When I come to Him with the need of reassurance – again – it is okay.

I had these thoughts in my head as I began watching our church service on-line.  During the message, the speaker used this verse:  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.  James 1:5  Often, I say that verse to myself something like this, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God…and it shall be given him.”  Why?  I often just want to skip to the part where wisdom is given!  But, I also don’t often use words like upbraideth, so it is easy to gloss over.  But, do you know what upbraideth means?  Merriam-Webster says:  “to criticize, find fault with; to reproach or scold.”  That is exactly what God does NOT do.  When I come to Him again (and again), He is not looking to criticize, reproach or scold me.

Oh my, I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly father.  One who is patient, kind and good.  One who is trustworthy and who loves me.  And that is what is making all the difference as I start this Monday.  This new week.  Perhaps it will be just the encouragement someone else needs this morning!

2 Replies to “Good Monday Morning 02.20.23”

  1. Thank you for that verse and your thoughts and especially for the definition of upbraideth. That is so encouraging to me. Praying for you as I send this comment.

  2. What a beautiful post and reminder! Thank you for sharing with us, my friend. I love it when the Lord uses our pastors to speak to our hearts as they preach His word. There are a million things about Him that I love- His kindness and sweetness being two. He doesn’t have to do these things for us, yet He does them time and again. I’m so grateful He never grows weary of us coming to Him!

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