Good Monday Morning 03.07.22

Happy Monday!  The latest Alaska update from our son: the Iditarod started this weekend.  There was a lot of fun and special events (including a run with the reindeer) in Anchorage although the race did not officially start there.  But Jordan had fun seeing the dogs…and did not get one photo!  He is his mother’s son.  They also had eight inches of fresh snow – which seemed appropriate for the beginning of a dog sled race, but Jordan was less than impressed.  It had not snowed for almost two weeks and the roads were actually clear but it was just an illusion.

I certainly hope our gorgeous weather these past few days is not an illusion.  Earlier this week, I saw these trees beginning to bud!  I was so excited, I actually had my husband pull over so I could snap a picture.  Oh, sure, it’s a parking lot and I had to crop out some litter.  But I hadn’t even noticed that discarded can because those pink buds brought me such joy!.  And hope that winter is actually over!!

Little pink reminders of God’s faithfulness.  Here’s to a week ahead that is full of little, unexpected reminders of His goodness.  Reminders that bring us real joy!!

Each day is a gift – and includes many gifts.  Look for them.  Enjoy them.  And thank our great God for them!

  “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”   Psalm 118:24

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 03.07.22

  1. I keep saying I’m not a spring person and that it’s my least favorite season, but I’m thinking that’s not the case. I love seeing all the green and beautiful pops of colors in the neighborhood and it reminds me of new life in Jesus, which is fitting since it’s that season. I love tulip trees. We have many in our neighborhood and they’re all blooming like crazy. It’s cold here again for a few days, but hopefully it’ll go back to warm next week. I hope you had a great day, sweet friend!

  2. Beautiful trees. I was surprised to find a lone blossom on our Japanese plum tree. That prompted me to check out the peach tree and Texas ash only to discover signs of spring and life on the branches of both of them as well. But worried because the temps last night dipped below freezing again. And we have a chance of snow flurries on Friday. Hoping our plants aren’t frost nipped.

    I cannot imagine having close to a foot of fresh snow in March. But I guess that is not unusual in Alaska. I raised huskies for a while and would love to see the Iditrod one day. Powerful, beautiful dogs.

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