Happy Monday!  One of my dearest friends – without a doubt my longest friend! – celebrated a birthday this weekend!  We have been friends since we became neighbors at the age of four!  More than just a few decades ago!  I know that many, if not most, friendships are for a season and I am grateful for each one – even the ones my heart so wishes would have been for much longer.  However, there are a few friendships that have endured time for me and I am beyond thankful!!  My life is continually impacted and enriched by these friends!!  Just for fun, I thought I would share a photo today.  I don’t often share photos…especially of me.  But, this is us a little over thirty years ago.

This was taken at a baby shower for my first child.  Yes, the guest of honor always wore a corsage (!?)  Apparently, even at baby showers!  And, I have no idea why I look so incredibly snarky.  My friend, on the other hand, looks quite lovely!  She is lovely!  Happy birthday, dearest friend of mine!!

4 Replies to “Good Monday Morning 03.21.22”

  1. Long-time friendships are such a blessing! My longest friendship is with a gal I met in 6th grade. We regularly communicate, and we even got to see each other in 2019. I have a few other longtime friendships, but none as long as that one. I don’t remember if I wore a corsage at my baby shower, but I know I did at my bridal shower.

    Have a lovely week!!

    1. Isn’t that such a blessing – the lifetime friends we have?! So very special!! Hope your week is lovely as well!!

  2. You look like Princess Di in the baby shower picture! I hope your friend has a great birthday. Hope your Monday is going well.

    1. I don’t know about Princess Di…but I do look about snooty there! Thinking I’m a bit more royal than I am – LOL!!

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