Good Monday Morning 07.16.23

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I started the weekend (well, it was on Friday) catching up with some friends over breakfast.  My omelet was not the tastiest but the conversation was great!  I need to see those girls more often.  Have I ever mentioned that breakfast is my jam (no pun intended) and I’m always up for meeting friends for breakfast.  My brother came out on Saturday and, yes, we were able to rehang the shelf that crashed a week or so ago.  I’m pretty certain it is not going anywhere – which is a win!  We all rewarded ourselves with a trip to a local ice cream spot after dinner and it was the perfect summer night for it.  Yesterday was church and another fun morning with my Junior Church kiddos.  They just start my week off with a smile:)

Our lesson last week (or was it the week before last – the weeks just seem to run together!) was on God’s provision of manna and quail for the Children of Israel.  We talked a bit about their complaining and general bad attitude but our main focus was the need to daily trust God.  How the Israelites had to gather the manna fresh every morning (other than the Sabbath) and trying to store up extra did not work.  Hoarded manna went stale and ruined.

The lesson was not lost on me.  I have to come to Him daily.  To read my Bible, pray and simply meet with Him every morning.  I need fresh, daily provision from His word and my heart needs fresh fellowship with Him every day.  What I “gathered” yesterday simply is, at best, leftovers.  God also spoke to me about things that I try to store up – or hoard.  Things – blessings, provisions, time, etc. – that He has given me but too often I either store them away or selfishly cling to them.  All that He provides is to be used for His work and for His glory.   All that to say, I am humbled and amazed with all that I learn while teaching a children’s Bible story.   

Here’s to a productive week ahead.  Maybe we will even get some rain.  There have been quite a few storms all around us.  Apparently, the church had several big storms over the weekend (everyone was talking about them yesterday).  However, the storms have been on all sides of us – within even a few miles – but not a drop of rain actually over us.  The grass is scorched and a good soaking would be welcomed.  But, whatever the weather and whatever color the grass may be, it is summer and I am ok with that!  Have a happy Monday friends!

14 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 07.16.23

  1. Great attitude about the grass color, Jennifer! You are displaying a positive attitude about it. Here’s hoping that your grass greens up nicely via rain this week. I like your analogy about the Israelites getting their manna daily (well, wasn’t it just six days a week- I think they had to gather enough for the Sabbath the day before) and just like them, we need something from our heavenly Father daily. I help out with middle school youth and when I attend our weekly meeting, the youth pastor does a sermon and it’s always good and applicable to me… who is many years past middle school. His Word is true and helpful no matter what age we are. That we can learn while serving is a blessing not lost on me and it sounds like not on you either. Have a great Monday!

    1. Trying my best to keep my attitude positive:) And I totally agree that God’s word is true, helpful and applicable anytime (and every time) it is shared – regardless of the audience or setting. I love that! And kudos to you for working with the middle schoolers. I’m thankful for my spot with the younger ones:)

  2. What a wonderful lesson and reminder. Thanks for sharing it. So glad you got your shelf hung back up. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Glad you stopped by, Cathy! And, yes, I am happy to have that shelf back on the wall:) Happy Monday to you!

  3. I’d be so happy to send some of our rain your way! We’re nearly drowning in it over here (seriously we have had flood watches in effect for nearly a week now) and everywhere I look everything is green with mold and mildew. Glad you got your shelf back up to stay this time. It sounds like a delicious weekend.

    1. Send us your rain! And I do hope it clears up soon for you and that you are not impacted by floods etc.

  4. I never feel as close to God as when I am preparing to teach a lesson or Bible study group. It’s never lost on me either, and I often marvel at how God uses something in my life to drive home a point He wants me to see. I am always blown away and humbled, and often times will throw my own self under the bus to share with a small group of ladies. It’s beautiful to me, how the Lord works through His word and in our lives. He is always so good to us! I’m so glad the shelf is now anchored into the wall properly, and YAY for ice cream treats! I know you loved having your brother visit. Happy day to you, my friend!

    1. Jennifer, I agree….it is exciting to see how the Lord works and what He uses/allows/etc in order to make not only His will but His Word and truth so real to us!!

  5. Wonderful post! I loved your thoughts about the manna.
    And ice cream always makes a great reward! My hubby and I love going out for ice cream.

  6. Hi Jennifer, it’s me Patti Gardner. I am back to blogging again. After a year’s hiatus, I have started a new blog, called Daffodil Lane. I’d love for you to stop by! You may not believe this, but the Lord has often spoken to me about what I call the “manna principle.” Yesterday’s “food” won’t get me through today. I need to read the Word and pray daily, not relying on yesterday’s provision for today’s need.

    I see you took a blog break for awhile. Sometimes, time away refuels our passions for blogging. It has done that for me. Though I am still babysitting my (now 21-month old) granddaughter 3 days a week, so I will be a bit sporadic. But my heart is back to blogging.


    1. So glad you stopped by…and really glad you have returned to blogging. I will look forward to catching up!! Many blessings to you as well!

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