Good Monday Morning 07.31.23

Happy Monday!  I survived.  Survived air travel, that is!  And without a mental meltdown – which for me, is an accomplishment:)  I traveled to North Carolina last week and both of my flights were a)short (58 minutes), b)calm, c) uneventful and d) even enjoyable!  It was definitely a win.  And such a nice week away as well!!

Not an awarding winning photograph but just proof positive that there were blue skies for days.  At the airports and throughout my entire visit.  I am thankful for the chance to travel…..and to finally meet (and hold for hours!!) Baby Tyler.  Ah, life is so sweet with a newborn snuggled in your arms.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the blog last week.  While I was away, I was without my computer and responding to comments, etc. simply does not happen on my phone.  So there are not comment responses but, to be sure, it was nice to read your kind words while I was there at my friend’s house.  As a bit of a recap, today’s post is simply Four Things I Learned While I Was Away.

ONE – Anxiety and imagination do not mix.  Although I have never had a fun or clever imagination, I can certainly let me ordinary imagination get out of control when I travel.  Not that I imagine doom and gloom (like crashes or other catastrophic events) but I can certainly imagine and narrate all types of “worst case scenarios” (with security, lost luggage, delays, etc. etc.).  Those (completely imagined) scenarios (that rarely, if ever, play out) take my anxiety to a whole new level.  I try (and try and try again) to squelch or just simply manage my airport anxiety – but have yet to succeed.

Looking back, everything went as smooth as butter.  In the air AND in the airport -which is the real source of my anxiety.  Once again, I came unglued for nothing.  Every time, I swear I am “never flying again” but then, I do:)  It is so fast and convenient.  All that to say, I am grateful for yet another easy trip.  (I hope I will read this post again before whatever might be my next trip.)

TWO – Sometimes you just need cheap food.  I am not a fan of “fast food” and that is not exactly what I am talking about here.  More like inexpensive, no frills food.  From a local diner and served on a melamine plate.  Nothing fancy and, no doubt, not the healthiest of meals but boy was it yummy on a random weekday afternoon.  The diner was busy and the food was fresh.  And the prices could not be beat.  I had the two salmon patties and two sides.  And look at the options for sides.  All homemade!!

We were visiting the town of Mount Airy – the hometown of Andy Griffith.  Yes, it is a bit of a “tourist trap” but it is fun.  There are plenty of cute stores and boutiques, lots of friendly locals, and ice cream shops a plenty.  And fudge shops.  Something about tourists and fudge that just seem to always go together!?!

Side note:  after seeing (literally) everything Andy Griffith, we decided to watch an Andy Griffith movie that night after we got home.  Just so you know – not all of Andy’s movie are “family friendly” or even G-rated.  Not sure why, but I was surprised by that discovery.

THREE – I tend to judge a book by its cover.  Or a performance by its venue. Sad but true.  You would think I would know better by now.  However, we had tickets on Friday night to see a play – The Adventures of Huck Finn – at a local playhouse.  Said playhouse was not in the best part of town and was, shall I say, old.  There are several adjectives I could use for this former chapel turned theater….none of them horrible but I was definitely doubting our decision to purchase tickets before we even finished parking the car.  Waiting inside for the performance to begin was not helping things which really is a shame.  I (mentally) missed the first ten minutes of the show.  A show that was actually very enjoyable.  Very well done by some very talented performers.  The acting was good but the singing and songs were very, very good!  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening!!

FOUR – Too much summer can be, well, too much!  You know that I am one of summer’s biggest fans and I try hard not to be negative about summer.  But, my goodness, was it hot this past week.  The weather was (quite) warm but bearable the day we walked around Mt. Airy but each day after that, it got progressively hotter.  Almost 100 each day and not a drop of rain anywhere.  At least not there.  I am told there were some storms here at home but I have yet to any evidence of those claims.  Everything is charred and brown.  Enough already, summer!

A few, extra and very random things – babies get tired with all that shopping and all that heat.  But even waking him up to take a photo, sleepy Baby Tyler is too sweet!  Also, airplane seats are good motivation to get back on your diet.  And despite what they may tell you, mediports do indeed “raise the alarm” when you to through airport security.  And, last but not least, chocolate lasagna is a real dessert.  A dangerous thing to be sure.   More calories than I could count – but so very worth it.  I’ll just need a bigger airplane seat:)

6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 07.31.23

  1. So much good stuff here, Jennifer! I’m so glad your travels and visit with your friend were all good. What a great mix of things to do- from holding a beautiful baby to going to fun, albeit, touristy locations, to finding good food at good prices at a restaurant and of course to the fudge! I know what you mean about summer and temps. We have been blessed this year. Our grass is green (not common for this time of year) and today it’s only going to get to 79 degrees. What did we do to deserve this, lol. Have a great Monday!

  2. I’m so pleased you had a good trip, and managed to sneak in a good quota of Tyler cuddles. This year on our way back from Sicily, I set off the alarms in security and it seems that it was the underwires in my bra that were the culprits – how embarrassing!
    We are having the strangest ‘summer’. Europe is literally on fire with heatwaves but here in the UK we have dull, dark, drizzly days and lower than usual temperatures. I’d like it just a bit warmer please and no more rain for a while!

  3. I’m so glad you had a good trip. Baby Tyler is a real cutie! I got to visit Mt. Airy probably about 8-10 years ago. It was fun and we had a good time. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. I also flew by myself last week and you are so right about the seats…cue a cobb salad for lunch…lol. Your trip sounds really nice and I feel your pain about flying anxiety. I guess we both survived it! lol

  4. So glad all went well with your flights; I have been hearing some nightmare travel stories this summer which is really ratcheting up my air travel anxiety. That town sounds pretty cute and I too find that vacation destinations have me looking at all sorts of sweet homemade treats– like fudge! That I would rarely even think about when around town/ home.

  5. Awww! Sweet Baby Tyler! Better than the smell of puppies! lolol…. We have a grandson named Tylar! But he’s grown now and stationed in Hungary with wife, Sara. No babies yet…We baby-sit our greatgran, Sloane, on Mondays. So much fun. 11 mos old and walking. Keeping me busy! lolol
    I must say, I hate flying. Especially on Delta! Horrible… but there’s no faster way to get, “where you’re going”!
    Mt Airy sounds fun! Next time hubby and I hit the road, that might be a fun place to go see.
    Chocolate lasagna?? I’ll be looking up the recipe!
    The heat here (Texas) is getting unbearable…I’m trying to keep plants watered but it seems I’m losing the battle…
    Have a wonderful week dear lady!

  6. Hello! I am so happy that your travels went smoothly. I can relate to the airport anxiety. It is the same for me. All the people, the noise, commotion. But seeing that precious baby??? Wow! I am so happy for you! I hope you have a cozy afternoon and that this heat subsides!

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