Good Monday Morning 1.9.23

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  We had a quiet but productive, and very nice, weekend.  On Saturday evening, the entire family went mini golfing.  Indoor mini golfing:)  I realized and/or confirmed several things in my mind after that night.

1 – I am not great at mini golf.  Truthfully, is anyone really good at indoor miniature golf?  (Every time I mention it, absolutely everyone is adamant, “Ugg, I’m terrible at that!”  Well, so am I.

2 – That said, 18 holes is way too many holes of such entertainment.  Nine holes is more than enough!

3 – I am way too old – or so past the season – for arcades.  So past.  I could have enjoyed the mini golf (or at least nine holes of it) and we did have some good laughs – plus a few cheers over some hole in ones! – but the whole arcade atmosphere that cames with the mini golf was too much.  Too loud, too crowded, too full of out of (completely) unsupervised children, too smelly (yes, it was smelly)…..well, you get the idea.  Just “too” much.  And did I mention, said arcade/mini golf was “monster theme” and all done in black light??  Too much.  Like I said, I’m old.  And I will admit it.

Afterwards, we went by Chick Fil A.  Three hours of family fun and I could have really used a peppermint milkshake.  My family all ordered water.  Water!!?!  Such a sad truth.

So, what does your family enjoy doing for weekend fun – as a group?  We have a “new girlfriend” (ahem) in the mix and have been trying to think of fun things to occasionally do all together.  The mini golf was okay but I don’t think it will be on repeat.  Ha.  Interestingly, we do enjoy TopGolf.  The golfing is not much better but we really enjoy the whole experience much more.  We will probably do that sometime.  After this past weekend’s miniature club and golf ball memories have faded a bit:)  Here’s to a blessed week ahead.  I’ve got some important days ahead….but will certainly be blogging.  I hope you will come back later in the week….and, thanks for visiting today!

11 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 1.9.23

  1. Exciting about the “new girlfriend”! Mini golfing is not for the faint of heart under any circumstances. Throw in the theme that you mentioned, the kids, the smells, oh my!! Glad that it ended in CFA and now you have lots of memories. Bowling is something that we (very) occasionally do as a group. Game night is another option and way less worry about onerous sounds and odoriferous smells ;). Have a great Monday!!

  2. Enjoyed reading about your family weekend activities. These are the posts I enjoy most, I think. Need to do more of them myself. As far as putt-putt or mini-golf goes, I like it but rarely play. In fact, we have a virtual reality mini-golf game that is super cool and I forget to play it, too!! Need to remind PC of it and maybe we will give it a go again in the coming weekend. When we first moved to El Paso, there was a very unique putt-putt golf course out where we lived with creative holes and cute nursery rhyme-themed decorations. But it closed and never reopened. I would think that would be something fun to own and operate. Hmmmmm.
    I have been pondering a post where I write about knowing or not knowing in my case when I am too old to do something. I still enjoy the arcades with the grands. But had a snow tubing accident that left me wondering what the age cut-off is for that. 🙂
    Happy New Year!!

    1. We don’t even have a mini golf course in my little town…we are small. My husband is an avid golfer, but I’m really bad at it! A new girlfriend… that’s fun, but hard at the same time, especially until you get to know them. I’m old too ;0) But, like you, I still like to have fun, and just being with family is my favorite thing to do! Hugs!

  3. This is a good question. We’re typically busy at some sport that a kid is currently playing at any time during the year so it’s hard to think of things we enjoy together. When the kids were much younger we could get away with hiking local trails (as trail-like as it gets in North Florida anyway) but now, the only things we really do – and it’s been a while – is bowling. I always enjoy it but inevitably, one or more of the kids gets annoyed when they don’t do well.

  4. Well, at least you were all together. lol I used to enjoy mini golf, but haven’t played in years. And no, I wasn’t any good either. I do enjoy an arcade and love to play some of the games. It’s also fun to watch my grandson playing the games. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that too.

  5. I don’t think mini golf is as popular here as it is there. We really only tend to get mini golf courses by the seaside near other amusements. I am not very good at it, and I think I would still be there if I had to complete 18 holes!
    We don’t really do family activities other than get together for dinner – maybe once the children are older and everyone can join in we will be able to organise more things.
    Have a good week!

  6. Hello! Oh…mini golf! I am with you. If I go along, I can only take nine holes. Eighteen is too much, especially when you have a group waiting behind you all the time! And the arcade? Exactly! So many people, so much noise, no personal space, weird smells, and on and on! I don’t even think I liked them when I was a teenager! We like to go to the movies together. I love movies, and I am always thankful my son, who is twenty, wants me to come along with all of them! We also like to stay home and play trivia games together. Anyway, have a cozy week, and best wishes on whatever you have going on.

  7. I think mini golf is fun with little kids, but these days I prefer just getting together at home. We went to dinner for my granddaughter’s birthday on Saturday and it’s always so awkward when you have a large group and someone gets stuck at the far end of the table or someone gets wedged in between all the kids 🙂
    There’s just no good way to navigate eating out, with a large group, and actually get to talk to everyone. All that to say, that’s the majority of what we do, is have family dinners, so we can mingle and enjoy each other.

  8. Oh I love to play miniature golf but have never played inside before. There is one the next town over.
    We like to have a game night once in a while and one time soon we plan to go bowling!

  9. I actually love mini golf, but only when it’s played outdoors. I don’t do well with indoor activities like that, what with the noises and such. We don’t do many family activities, but when we go out to dinner together on occasion, we like to go to this one area in Memphis, that’s considered midtown. It’s in a square of sorts (the name is actually Overton Square) with restaurants all around the “walls” of the square, and in the middle is a game area with cornhole and big Adirondack chairs for lounging. It’s outdoors, there are space heaters when it’s cooler out, and there are those big Edison bulb lights everywhere. It’s really cool! We actually should do that soon, now that I think of it…I would guess you have something pretty similar to this, since you live near such a big metropolitan area. I love the outdoor spaces the most…even if there are others there, it doesn’t seem crowded because of it being outside. I’ll be praying for you this week! Will you keep me updated on email? Much love to you, my friend.

  10. We do play mini golf on occasion (though all the indoor places near us have closed) but I am awful at it. I do think that everyone seems to be for the most part so at least we’re all equally bad! We tend to go more for bowling; we have lanes near us that do candle pin bowling with small balls and mini pins that we enjoy. That said it’s a real struggle to find things indoors that are real family fun… I don’t think we’ve actually been bowling in years since we don’t love that either. Even the movies, which we used to frequent a lot haven’t been much of a draw for us.

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