Good Monday Morning 10.18.21

Are you a beach person….or a mountain lover?  What takes your breath away – the sun has it peaks over the water’s farthest edge? Or has it slowly rises above the hills and peaks?  Either way, it is impossible not to see God as He starts a new day!

My brother is at the beach this week – and sent me the beach photo.  And some friends got up super early and drove out to the mountains one morning this week for no other reason than to see and photograph the sunrise.  Truly, both are beautiful!  I have been repeatedly reminded what a mighty God we have!

I hope you will visit me here again tomorrow and on Friday.  Until then – here’s to a week of beautiful mornings – and gorgeous sunrises!!


 “and yet He did not leave Himself without witness, in that he did good and gave your rains from heaven and fruitful season, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.”  Acts 14:17

One thought on “Good Monday Morning 10.18.21

  1. Oh Jennifer…I love sunrises and sunsets anywhere I can find them…beach, mountains, lakes, my pond, or wherever they happen to appear! They are always new every single time…our God is an awesome God and He creates all things beautifully for us to enjoy! I stand in awe of Him whenever I witness His handiwork in the skies, or anywhere in His marvelous creation. We are blessed to be His children and to be witnesses of His handiwork! Thank you for this lovely post and the reminder to just watch for God’s majesty each and every day!! Hope your day is beautiful today!

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