Good Monday Morning 10.3.22

Happy Monday friends!  I missed another post….this past Friday, actually.  I just cannot completely shake whatever has plagued me for over two weeks and my schedule has taken a beating.  I was oh so happy to turn the calendar page this weekend.  A fresh month and a little sense of fresh hope.  Surely my “normal” will return soon.  No whiny….and let’s start this new week with a quick look at the “current state of affairs” as a way for a quick catch-up.
Outside my window.  It has been dreary, damp, chilly, and wet for several days.  So very grey.  But our forecast is promising a return to spring-like weather this week which will be delightful.  I cannot complain, though, as we enjoyed a picture-perfect (and gorgeous11) day last Thursday and I was able to spend an entire day outside.  In the sunshine…and among the pumpkins:)  A friend and I took the youngest of our Junior Church kiddos to the pumpkin patch/fall festival.  It was a great day.  I was operating at half strength and was completely done (and even a bit sunburned) once I got home but it was more than worth it.  And, less than 24 hours later, the drizzly cold weather settled in for an extended stay.  I took some of the cutest pictures (photos with cute kids and pumpkins as a backdrop are just the best) but you will just have to take my word for it:)  Great memories made, though.
Around the house.  Things look pretty much in order.  There is a ten-foot board resting on sawhorses in the main hallway….the only spot where it could stay for a couple of days.  It is the beginning of an accent wall in our guest room.  This photo (thank you, Pinterest) was my inspiration.  While the painter was here a week or so ago, I asked if he might paint the accent part.  I left instructions with my husband to have the top one-third of the wall painted.  I chose (what looked like) a rich, mossy green.  Our wall is now a mousy, sage green painted on the bottom two-thirds of the wall.  Yes, I was taking cold meds in excess but I am completely positive that is not what I said.   Nevertheless, I’m pressing forward with the full shelf…..but, truthfully, not that hopeful.  I do think a beautiful iron bed could cure a lot of my angst.  I have been on the hunt for just the right one.  Wish me luck.
Also on the to-do list.  I’m also on the hunt for a new chair in my office.  I want a nice comfy club chair that I can curl up (more like, pull my feet up under me) in while I read or study.  This room that is my office is not large but is perfect for my desk and a nice place to sit.   Once I replace the current loveseat, I will edit out and refresh the things on the wall and – voila – a new look for the office.  I’m looking forward to it.  We also took down our family room curtains when the painter came and now need new curtains.  Have not exactly “been on the hunt” for those yet but I need to be.  More of a “wish list” here than a “to-do list”!!  I also hope to break out my sewing machine again this week.  I have a few things I want to try and “take in” a bit.  I have no idea what I am doing but am just going to practice on a few pieces that would end up donated otherwise.
On the menu this week.  Pumpkin has taken over.  I have an entire Pinterest board for “Pumpkin Madness”!!  I made this recipe yesterday for our church fellowship.  It seemed to be a huge success….and my pantry now has more than a couple cans of pumpkin in it:)  I have several keto-friendly pumpkin recipes in mind for this week.  When I first began keto, I decided I was not going to do a lot of sugar substitutes and/or make keto bombs, keto desserts, etc, etc.  But…October appears, the madness begins and all my best intentions have seemingly disappeared.  I know “copycat Starbucks pumpkin muffin” has shown up in my feeds at least five times in the last 24 hours.  I don’t even know if I’ve ever had one of those muffins but it sure sounds like I should give it a try:)  And, I have literally been dreaming of pumpkin soup!!
On my mind at the beginning of the week.   I have been acutely aware of just how easily I can take my good health for granted.  I suppose that happens when you feel “way less than great” for weeks on end, but, honestly, I have thought about this truth often lately.  Every morning I wake and think “this will be the day that I feel like myself again.”  And then the coughing takes over.  If I am honest, I often don’t think twice about “getting out of bed and feeling great.”  Sad but true.  I want to be much more grateful.  For my health and a number of other “small” blessings that I (often) too quickly rush over.  And take for granted.  I am also much more aware of those who daily (every single day!) face health problems and/or physical challenges.  I know many who do – and I need to pray much more often for them.  Perhaps seek to be a help or a blessing.  What’s on your mind as we start a new week?  I’d love to hear from you.  Have a great Monday and I hope you will come back on Wednesday….it will be time for my monthly “Currently” post!

11 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.3.22

  1. Oh it is so true that we take our health for granted! It seems like a lot of people are suffering from colds and coughs that just seem to drag on or maybe you get rid of one and then get another straight away. I’m trying to ignore a sore throat at the moment, I think I know the culprit who gave it to me – when I picked Olive up last week my son said ‘we’ve all had streaming colds this weekend so she’s got a constant runny nose’, I just knew that a few days later I’d be under the weather too! Hope you feel like you have a bit more energy and a lot less cough very soon!

  2. I am sorry to hear that you have been under the weather for such a long time. Whenever I experience bad and unexpected pain like a toothache or back pain, I always think to myself that when the pain goes away, I need to make a conscious effort to appreciate being pain free. And I do occasionally recognize and give thanks to God that I am without pain. It’s easy to take for granted until pain is acute. It is the same with health in general so I completely relate to what you are saying. I’m sure the fall festive/ pumpkin patch was so much fun for you and the kiddos (though likely more tiring to you afterwards!). I hope you’re having a great Monday!

  3. I am so sorry you haven’t been feeling well! It really does take a toll on our minds and bodies when we’re sick. How fun that your bedroom is getting a makeover! That always freshens things up and it goes a long way. I hope your sunshine returns soon, friend! I do love fall and the cool weather, but too many days without sunshine affects me in a negative way. I hope your week got started off good, my friend! Much love!

    1. I am so with you. I must have some sunshine!! It is the truth! (not sure how my son managed winter in Alaska!?!)

  4. I had a cold that seemed to linger through most of September and I remember think too that it was just awful how often I take my good health for granted! I hope you are feeling back to 100% soon. Your inspiration wall looks wonderful and I hope your wall turns out looking just as lovely. I too have a running wish list of items I need/want to buy for the house. I am determined to get our basement completely finished this winter complete with wall hangings and shelves.

  5. Hi Jennifer! i love cloudy, dreary days, especially this time of year…but I also love sunshine ;0) You have so much fun with your Junior Sunday School kids, I can tell that you love them, and I’m sure they love you as well. I this busy world, I don’t think that kids can ever have too many people who love and care about them. I really like the idea of a shelf across the wall, what a cute idea! Please show us what it looks like when you finish…I need inspiration…desperately! The, Honey Bun cake looks delicious! Like you, I am always trying to lose not gain. But a little taste of something delicious, I think that’s ok once in a while. I just got home from the doctor – wellness check, yes, it’s that time of year for me. I agree that as we age, it’s so easy to take our health for granted. I have found out the hard way that it doesn’t work. We all need to, take the bull by the horns and take care of things! Thanks for the reminder! I hope you take good care of yourself and start feeling better soon. Hugs, Barb

    1. Barbara, hope all went well with your physical. Definitely have to stop on top of things…and take care of ourselves. Good for you (I probably should follow your example!) Yes, the cake was a hit!!:)

  6. I am reading this while I sip a cup of hot chamomile tea. I have been feeling kind of achy and very tired this evening and thought something hot to drink is what the doctor is ordering, but no caffeine at this hour. The chamomile is comforting and soothing and I will be headed for the shower and bed when I finish this. I do hope you get to feeling better very soon. Your guest bedroom painting mix up could turn out to be very interesting…sometimes mistakes end up being blessings in disguise…but then again, if it isn’t what you had in mind, it will never seem “right”, so might be better to fix it while you can. Still…it might not be all that bad. I love the overall idea.
    I am not into Keto anything and don’t understand the concept, so I won’t wear myself out trying to figure it out, but I am happy for you if it works for you! I think I am just too old to learn anymore new tricks. LOL The pumpkin stuff does all sound good, however.
    Please take care and get to feeling better really soon. Good night my friend.

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