Good Monday Morning 10.31.22

Happy Monday…and hooray for being at home on a Monday morning.  Last week this time, I was high above the clouds on a flight to Branson where we spent a few days on vacation.  It was a short vacation but, truthfully, just right for me.  We had a very nice time and I plan to give a (short) recap on Friday.  I am waiting on pictures (explanation to follow) but, for today, just three quick takeaways from my trip…..
1 – They say that bigger/more is better.  I would say “that totally depends.”  When referring to beds, bigger is better.  Without question.  While away, we slept on a full-size bed.  Not a queen.  A full size.  And when I say slept, I use the term very loosely.  That bed was small and we were ever so happy to get home to our king-size bed.  We have not always had a nicely oversized mattress but we now know for certain, we never want to go back!  On the other hand, when it comes to food portions….more can be just plain unappetizing.  The portions (at every meal), while we were away, were just way too much.  Sixteen-inch pancakes the size of an extra-large pizza.  Five egg omelets.  Biscuits literally drowning in gravy.  All served in the same meal.  With a side of bacon.   And so much wasted food…..but that is another post altogether.
2 – God’s handiwork, on full display in creation, is amazing during any season.  But fall – at its peak like it was last week – is breathtaking!  The week before I left, the ice-breaker question at Bible study was “beach or mountain??”  I was one of only three who cheered for the mountains.  Let me tell you, those beach girls obviously have not been to the mountains in October.  Sure, we have some beautiful trees around here but those Missouri mountains drenched in every autumn color imaginable were beyond words!
Oh, and the water that comes out of them thar hills is delicious:)  Just plain delicious.  I could put that water on my breakfast cereal.  Well, if there was cereal.  Apparently, that is much too simple for a Missouri country breakfast:)
3 – Phones can, actually, be quite handy.  I will admit that I am quick to criticize those who are “attached to their phones” and can’t seem to be without one.  (Very quick actually…)  However, when our son dropped us off outside the terminal on Monday morning, I quickly hopped out of the backseat and waved goodbye.  To both him and my phone that was charging up front.  There was no way to let him know or have him return to the airport.  I was simply without a phone all week.  Yes, I survived.  And, truthfully, survived quite well.  But, I will concede, those little devices can be convenient.  Useful and even (occasionally) necessary.  Tis true.  What I missed the most was being able to take pictures.  That was disappointing.  Our friends did take photos – hooray – and have promised to share some with us.  I hope to share some of those on Friday.
But, for now, that is enough for an early Monday morning.  I’m off to enjoy a small breakfast:)  I hope you will join me again on both Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday will be this month’s “Currently” post.  I enjoy those.  Have a blessed week!

10 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.31.22

  1. Hello, my friend! Long time no see. I am glad you enjoyed Branson! I agree with the comforts of a larger bed and smaller food portion sizes. We noticed that same thing when we visited NYC in 2016 and learned to share every meal. We knew we wouldn’t eat the leftovers, which I hated not being able to take with us. The mountains at this time of year are spectacular! Were you able to visit Big Cedar Lodge and do some exploring? I can’t remember if I said anything about that to you. I would be devastated if I’d forgotten my phone, because I take so many pictures! I would have been sad for other reasons too, but that would be a big one. I’m so glad you’re participating in November’s currently post! Some of those prompts were ideas you gave me- thank you for those! I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend. Much love!

  2. Glad that you made it back safely and that you had a nice time away! Missed you here in your spot on the web but knew (or hoped) you’d be back soon. My sister and I split every meal when we were in PA together. We ate at chain restaurants which tend to give you huge portions. I normally get two meals out one meal. I would feel really lost without my phone- at first. As long as I had my Nikon I wouldn’t have been too devastated (but I don’t carry around my Nikon everywhere I go). I hope your Monday is going well!

    1. Thanks, Maria. I would love to split meals but my husband just does not like to do so. Sigh. He was a bit overwhelmed with the portions last week though – so I’m getting closer to convincing him!

  3. Hi Jennifer~ I’m really looking forward to Friday when you post your photos! I have never been to, Branson, but I would love to go sometime. I agree with you totally on sleeping on a King Bed. I like my own space in my bed! But, breakfast – I’m actually good with a carton of yogurt! I am appalled at the waste I see in restaurants. Oh, yes, the mountains! I rely on my phone mostly for the camera…I don’t get very many calls, and I don’t make very many calls. but I love my camera! So glad you had a fun vacation. Have a wonderful week. See you on Friday! Hugs, Barb

    1. Exactly how I feel about my phone. Not that many calls…but it is my camera:) Yogurt for breakfast is perfect. Agreed!

  4. Oh I am with you on the beds! I try to make sure anywhere we sleep has at least a queen but I tend to look for king beds as often as we can… and I’d much prefer smaller portions at restaurants too. I used to be a beach girl but soon realized I only enjoy walking on the beach in the morning and at night. I love listening to the waves but I don’t actually enjoy the sun and sand and definitely not mid-day! I am becoming a mountain girl more and more.

    1. Our friends booked the suite and we really had no idea the bed was so small. Honestly, it never occurred to me that rooms would have a full. I thought queeens were the minimum. I thought wrong!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. When we went to America we could not believe the size of some of the meals we had! They say you also eat with your eyes, and when I see an overwhelming portion of something I feel full before I start! That’s why I love tapas meals so much, several tiny meals that you can pick and choose from – delicious.
    I can imagine your feeling at realising that you were without a phone – yet if you rewind to when we were young, none of us had a phone in our pocket and we still managed to survive! It is the camera aspect that I think I would miss the most.

    1. It really was disappointing not to have a camera. Our friends shared lots of photos – but I didn’t get to take the obligatory shot of my husband at every other stop! Ha – maybe he isn’t that disappointed!!:)

  6. I had the same problem when we were away in September. I hate to see food wasted so I would insist on 1 egg, 1 side, I didn’t even care if you charge me the same price.

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