Good Monday Morning 12.5.22

Happy Monday morning!  I certainly hope everyone had a good weekend.  My porch is finally presentable for Christmas – but the inside is still waiting.  I hope to finish that today….or perhaps tomorrow:)  We have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow (my hubby’s) or, at least, recognize.  We will probably not properly celebrate until this weekend but I will make his favorite dinner.  Shepherd’s pie:)

We started this past weekend off by attending a Norwegian Christmas market.  It was in the oddest of locations right in the middle of a residential neighborhood….at the Norway House.  I’m not sure how or when that split-level home from the 60s became the Norway House but the market was fun.  They had three Norwegian Fjord horses in the backyard.  We did not see them “perform” but they did seem quite content munching hay and eating what little remained of the yard.  All three of them were very handsome…, pretty:)

We also tried Krumkake – which means “curved cake” – but I would call it a rolled waffle cookie.  Apparently, they are very popular for the holidays.  I filled mine with whipped creme and they had several other options but the lady there said most people eat them plain.  Fresh off the griddle.  The whipped creme made the difference, in my opinion:)  My husband tried the Norwegian heart-shaped waffle (I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name).  He said it was a bit boring but, then again, he declined the lingonberry jam and whipped creme.

We also did a little bit of shopping.  The trees that line the center streets were covered in lights and so festive.  Almost makes shopping enjoyable.  Almost.  This photo really does not capture how pretty they were nor does it show what a nice night it was – chilly but not terrible.  Just a really nice early winter evening.  I am curious….how many are just getting started with your shopping?  Or maybe you haven’t started yet?  I’m definitely in a season of life that does not require nearly as much shopping and/or advanced shopping – which is a blessing.  I still have a few things to get but all is well under control!  And…my husband does the wrapping.  He enjoys it!  I say, go for it!

We have a bit of a busy week ahead but I will be blogging.  Please come back on Wednesday and Friday.  I will have my monthly “Currently” post on Wednesday.  And thank you so much to all those who visited last week – and, especially, to those who left comments on both Wednesday (my Christmas tree memories) and on Friday (where I shared a bit from my heart).  Your comments are a tremendous encouragement to me.    Have a wonderful week ahead!!

14 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 12.5.22

  1. Good morning Jennifer 🙂
    This post makes me want to go find a Christmas market to browse around; preferably one with a few horses in the mix 🙂
    We have two birthdays this month – my husband’s and my DIL’s. We will celebrate with one big dinner.

    Have a wonderful week! I’m working on my porch today too 🙂

  2. That street looks so festive! What a difference it can make to the shopping atmosphere.
    We have cut back on how many people we buy gifts for and tend to concentrate on the children now, it’s made life a lot less stressful. I have said that this year I am going to wrap as I buy so that I don’t end up with a day being taken up in a tangle of wrapping paper and tags where I start enthusiastic and end in a hurry to get it finished. So far I have kept to my good intentions and I definitely feel more organised!

    1. I was determined to wrap as I go…but, sadly, it has not happened. My husband needs to get a move on – LOL!

  3. The festival/ market sounds unique and fun! I know what you mean about pictures. We attended a festival and I took some pictures but they did not do a good job showcasing how pretty the area was. I know what you mean about presents in this stage of life. We aren’t buying as much and there are no “must haves” from the kids’ wishlists. One kid hasn’t even made his list yet… So, no, we are not done with shopping yet. I will likely be doing some right until the very end. That’s just how I roll! I hope your husband has a great birthday tomorrow and that you have a wonderful Monday.

  4. What a fun date night! I love doing things like that and that horse is the cutest! I’ve gotten behind in reading some of my favorite blogs, so I’ll be catching up here after this. I am in a similar season as you- Todd buys for the boys, since he knows which car thing they want. I do have a couple of things to pick up for two of them and stocking stuffers, but we’ll be done with them after that. We’ve bought for his parents, so now it’s my parents, one nephew and a couple of friend gifts. It won’t take me long and I hope to finish this week. I do feel pressure if i wait too much longer, which kind of steals some of the joy from it for me, but I think I’ll be able to finish. Have a great day, my friend!

    1. It’s nice that Todd knows exactly what the boys will like! And so special that you still have parents to buy for!! What a blessing –

  5. I don’t know how but I got so behind on reading your posts! I just finished up my Christmas shopping last night and I really felt like I had much less shopping this year than normal.

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