Good Monday Morning 4.22.24

Happy Monday morning!  I (literally) just stepped outside and snapped a photo of the porch.  There is an empty rocker there…just waiting for a friend to sit and have a chat.  I’ll pour the coffee and thought we could have a Monday morning coffee chat.  The azaleas are in full bloom and are, quite possibly, my favorite thing this week!!  My grandfather had entire flowerbeds of azaleas and these flowers bring me not only wonderful memories but also just all the best feelings/emotions.  They make me happy!!

I want to say hello to everyone stopping and, especially, to the new visitors.  Apparently, over the last few days there have been several new visits to the blog and comments as well.  However, my email failed to alert me to any of it.  Heavy sigh.  Assuming the blog was rather quiet, I had not been on the computer and/or checking on things.  I’m so sorry to have missed your visit and that I am quite behind in responding to comments.  Nevertheless, I am so glad for those who stop by (on purpose) and for those who find their way here some other way.  It is the reason I enjoy blogging!  One visitor, in particular, left me a comment regarding candles that smell like fresh cut grass.  I mentioned that I really like that smell and thought it would be a good candle scent.  Well, who knew – but those candles DO exsist!  There are even essential oils.  Of course, we cannot be completely surprised.  What is there that isn’t available on Amazon?!?!

Speaking of essential oils, I am curious if you have a favorite EO brand?  Those of you who enjoy diffusing oils.  (And, if you don’t…why not?  I love them but would be curious why someone might not like them.)  I really enjoy REVIVE oils.  I think they smell the best (fresh and not “off”) and have a good price.  I’ve been trying several new blends which, I suppose, is why I have oils on my mind.  If we were having coffee, I would be sure to share some of my new favorites with you.  One last question, for the oil lovers.  How do you most often use your oils?  Diffusing?  Topically?  Something else?  I won’t make this post just about essential oils but, if we were enjoying a chat in person, I might get a bit carried away.  You can change the subject whenever you choose.

Tonight, we are headed to an escape room and then to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Old Towne.  We like the food (it is a rather standard menu) but what we really enjoy is the view.  The patio is on the water and I hope it will be available tonight.  And that the weather stays a bit warmer.  It is lovely this morning but, last night, it was downright nippy again.  I could have worn a sweater to church last night.  I did not.  Winter clothes are still in sight (ha) but out of mind!  Do you enjoy escape rooms?  Did you know (don’t be surprised) that you can go online and often find folks who give (as in give away) the clues to solving the room?  I think that is rather lame.  Apparently, there are also people who consider themselves professional escape room gamers.  Huh?  No comment.  I think I will be the one to change the subject:)  We are looking forward to our evening though – family fun night and birthday celebrations!!

My birthday is at the end of this week.  I have had so many emotions and (heavy) thoughts about this upcoming birthday.  I think I might share a bit more about that later this week or, perhaps, next week.  We will see.  For now, I am just going to celebrate.  And even eat cake…although I do hope there will be banana pudding some time this week.  No idea why I have banana pudding so much on my brain but, tis true.

Two more quick (and silly) things before you have to go.  Let me show you my latest award.  The Italy badge.  According to Fitbit, I have walked enough steps to have carried me across Italy.  Can you imagine?  If only ten (or 10,000) of those steps had actually been in Italy!  Something else that has been on my brain lately (yes, more than just pudding) is travelling.  Honestly, nine days out of ten, I am quite content to stay put.  Not wander to far from home.  But, then, every so often, the wanderlust seems to settle in.  It gets my attention, my thoughts, my dreams and soon my plans.  Right now, I am ready to pack a bag and…..go!

I enjoy travelling “just for fun” but I also really (really!) enjoy missions trips.  Travelling with a group and visiting a missionary that is already on the field.  There are several potential missions trips that are in the works for later this year.  I am looking at all the options and praying to see if any will work for me.  There are not any to Italy, that I know of, but that would certainly be fun.  For now, I will just have to “pretend” wtih my Italy badge.  So silly.

And, lastly, let me share one more photo.  Of my sweet little buddy, Tyler.  Guess who is learning to walk?  Just too much fun.  Oh, and I do actually have a visit/trip planned to North Carolina.  Sure, my friend (Tyler’s nana) thinks I’m coming to visit her – or, more specifically, to help her after she has foot surgery, but we all know the truth.  It’s all about the cute baby!!

Thanks for the visit friends.  Please leave me a hello in the comments.  I wlil definitely be more proactive about checking things here “behind the screen.”  I do my best to reply to comments and to visit you as well.  Have a wonderful week.  Eat cake….feel free to use my birthday as your excuse.  As if we need excuses!!

20 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 4.22.24

  1. I’ve never used Essential Oils, but my daughter does. Your azaleas are beautiful. Several times this past week I have set out in a rocker on my front porch. So love spending time there. Have fun with your escape room adventure tonight. I’ve never done that either. Have a great week.

  2. Your front porch looks so lovely and inviting! I’m hopeful my azaleas will come back this year; they haven’t been looking the best the past two years and I’m not sure what happened to them because they used to be so full and pretty. I’m great with plants until they start looking iffy and then I almost always end up killing them by trying to help. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to enjoy some yummy banana pudding.

  3. Your sweet little buddy Tyler is so adorable! Super photos! The coffee one is a delightful start and those azaleas are gorgeous! I know several people who have essential oils but I am not one of them, only because I am super-sensitive to scents and after a while they make me feel light -headed and nauseous! I’ve been that way since I was a child. I have the same problem with perfumes. Family finally reached the idea that this girl cannot deal with them, lol! My loss! Sounds like you have a lovely evening planned, enjoy! I would also like to wish you A Very Happy Birthday ahead of time. May it be the happiest ever and most definitely tuck into some banana pudding, every birthday week should have some. And no, pretending is never silly. My favorite saying is “I am getting in touch with my inner child”. We should all have one in my humble opinion. It saves us from taking ourselves too seriously, and we need that inner child thing going on. Have a wonderful week my friend 🙂 Hugs and Birthday Wishes!

    1. Denise, I think I would be most sad without my daily perfume…and my diffuser going. I love just the right smells:) I like your saying “getting touch with your inner child” – I need to do that more often! Thanks for the nudge:)

  4. Oh man, I read the words ¨foot surgery¨ and shuddered. Baby Tyler will be getting around better than his Nana. How nice of you go to out to see your friend and help her. I have a few essential oils but I don´t diffuse them. I use them in some homemade cleaners and lip balms that I make. I have never done an escape room but would like to try one. Enjoy lots of cake on your birthday!

  5. I have used Revive essential oils but I also order from Eden’s Garden. With Eden’s Garden you can earn points towards discounts/free oils. As for quality among the brands I’m not sure which one is better but I do love how cheap they are compared to other companies.

    1. Dawn, I have forgotten about Eden’s Garden. I do think I have ordered from them before but will have to check it out again. I love good quality without exaggerated prices! (Don’t we all!!) Hope you are having a good week!

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you celebrate well with your favourite things! I love how Fitbit have calculated your trip through Italy – that’s so clever.

  7. Happy birthday!! Wishing you a healthy, happy birthday year. Glad you are planning a trip to, ummm, help your friend after surgery…and get some baby snuggles. Nothing better!!

    I love love love essential oils. Not sure I have ever tried Revive. I wear a number of oils and like some for preventing colds (Thieves) and others just to make the house smell clean even though it isn’t. Where do you find your Revivie oils? I probably need a defuser. Do you have one you like?

    Look at you walked (and swimming??) all the way to Italy. That is a wonderful sign that you must be feeling better. I certainly hope so. We have about given up on figuring out what in the world was going on with PC and at this point, we are happier for just setting it aside for now. We have appointments in May and seems to be feeling better. Prayers for your continued improved health.

    1. Leslie – so happy to have you stop by and to read your comments! I miss you around these parts!! Thanks for the prayers and your encouraging words…both are a blessing!

  8. I hope you have/had a great birthday! Tyler is super cute! Enjoy your visit to NC, we also have a trip planned there for the last of May/beginning of June.

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