Good Monday Morning 5.23.22

Happy Monday Morning!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I started my weekend, on Friday, at a spring market… their website says – “an outdoor event with over 200 “vintage hip” vendors from the East Coast.”  But, the vendors were from all over.  I met one (and would love to visit her shop) who was from Michigan.  Not exactly a day trip from Northern Virginia.  Don’t suppose I will shop there anytime soon.  We really did not buy terribly much but there was so much fun stuff to inspire you and some of the coolest booths to browse.  I was impressed by the displays as much as the antiques, painted furniture, etc.  Some people are so talented.

It was a fun day.  And, then I fell.  Literally, on our way to the car, I somehow managed to trip as I stepped over a path marker and fell flat.  Like a rock.  A heavy rock. Not my most graceful moment.  And that “big birthday” I had just a few weeks ago – well, I have felt every decade of it and then some this weekend.  Nothing broke – oh but I have been sore.

I still was able to enjoy my birthday outing with my brother on Saturday.  Thankfully, we had not planned a ski adventure.  Or rollerblading.  Or even hiking.  Ha!  However, we did enjoy Cinderella, the ballet.  It was beautiful.  The costumes were gorgeous and the music was just fantastic!  It literally hurt for me to clap my hands – but we still had such a good time!

And, with the annual missions conference beginning yesterday, it was a full weekend!  It was also unseasonably warm.  Just like summer.  No one heard me complain once.  Well, not about the weather.  These achy ribs?  Well, maybe once or twice!!:)  Here’s to a beautiful week ahead.  And here’s to staying upright while I walk.  Oh my –

8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 5.23.22

  1. I’m so glad your fall didn’t effect your weekend too much. I hate that you fell! Yikes. Sore/bruised ribs are NO JOKE! They’re so painful. I hope you have a great week, my friend…and that you continue to heal. ❤

  2. That fall sounds painful but everything else sounds so nice. Browsing wares of “hip vendors” on a lovely spring day sounds enjoyable. Going to the ballet is a great idea for a birthday outing. I have never heard of Cinderella being done as a ballet but I can imagine how neat it was to see. I hope you’re having a good and pain free Monday!

    1. Cinderella as a ballet was just delightful. I know the ballet is not everyone’s cup of tea…but it really was enjoyable!!:)

  3. Oh I hear what you’re saying, Jennifer, having badly sprained my ankle a week ago. I think this is going to be a long haul. Please know you’re not alone.

    Meanwhile, I love that truck and would have loved that outing. Wonderful1

  4. Oh my, I’m glad you got to enjoy the outdoor market before you fell, but I am so sorry your happy day had to end that way. I know how it feels to fall, and especially when people are watching…but thankfully nothing was broken except your pride. And how wonderful you still got to go see the Cinderella Ballet. I bet that was really beautiful!! And now, a Missions Conference at your church? Just wondering what church you belong to. We don’t get to hear of too many Missions Conferences any more. The denomination we served in for many years always had an annual Missions Conference, and it was the highlight of the year. This was the C&MA (Alliance) and they are very missions minded and support many missionaries. Just wondering about yours church. So glad to hear that is a special event for you. Well, I hope you have a wonderful week and that you feel better day by day. And again, Praise God for nothing broken!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Pamela. We attend an independent Baptist church. Not affiliated with Southern Baptists or several other Baptist fellowships. Um, independent:) The annual missions conferences are, for sure, a highlight each year! And we support quite a few missionaries as well. It is exciting – and I consider myself blessed to have even a small part in reaching the world!!

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