Good Monday Morning 9.11.23

Happy Monday!  It is a beautiful Monday morning:)  The weather is still quite summer-like but not nearly as oppressive as last week.  The sun is quickly drying up the puddles remaining from last night’s rain and the skies are as blue as can be!  It is a perfect morning to share with a friend.  So, please come in.  Let’s share a cup of coffee.  If we were having coffee, I would probably suggest we sit outside on the patio.  Not only is the weather lovely but it is also (extra) clean and tidy out there.  We (read that, my hubbie) took advantage of the extra hot days last week and power washed everything.  The fence.  The steps.  The stone.  It all looks so fresh….and not a cobweb in sight.  Those pesky cobwebs often bug me in the morning, but not this morning so, I say, coffee on the patio.  If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you about  my plans for this week.  Some weeks I have few plans and other weeks, there are more things on the calendar.  I rarely would call myself “busy” but, this week, I am looking forward to several things:

1 – our anniversary on Thursday.  We are planning dinner at one of our favorite spots followed by a southern gospel concert.  I know folks can have strong opinions about music but I am a huge southern gospel fan.  My husband can take it or leave it (southern gospel or music, in general!?) but he is willing to make the drive for a evening of music….well, just for me.  One of the secrets to a happy marriage, I suppose:)  We will have been married 38 years on Thursday.  I hope to share, at least, a photo on Wednesday.

2 –  the start of new Bible study.  It is a new one to me.  A new study as well as a new group.  The new study part is exciting and I suppose the new group is as well, although there is always a bit of awkwardness being the new girl.  I have no idea how big this group is or how many other ladies will be “new” but I am always a bit intimidated by those first few meetings.  No idea what to expect but I will let you know how it goes.  (By the way, if we were having coffee, I would be asking/begging you to come with me!)

3 – another treatment on Thursday.  Yes, the same day as my anniversary.  I did not schedule these appointments.  They are simply on a three week rotating schedule.  But, no worries.  Treatments days, at this stage, go by quickly and are rather uneventful.  That said, I still would not say I am “looking forward” to it…but I am, in the sense, that it is one more treatment done and just that much closer to be completely finished!!  I am grateful, though, that these infusions are easy, painless and, as I said, uneventful.

4 – a trip out to Winchester.  Spending the day with one of my besties tomorrow.  We always have fun but tomorrow will be productive as well.  We have appointments at a great consignment shop there.  I am clearing out my fall clothes and some from my husband’s side of the closet, too.  We tidied up our closet for the upcoming season.  The closet looks better but, honestly,  I will be most happy to get the bags off of my bedroom floor.  I am not one for “stuff” sitting around.  Not at all.

5 – the fall stuff (or shall I say décor) is making its appearance.  So many have already decorated for fall.  Not me. I could not even think about it…especially during last week’s blast of summer heat.  But I, finally, got the bin out of storage and by week’s end, it will all have found a shelf or other perfect spot on which to look cute for the next couple of months.  Again, I will try and share a few photos in the next day or two.

Better yet, why don’t you just come again for coffee soon?  Sharing a cup of coffee with a friend – chatting over everything but nothing really – is such a nice way to start the week.  I hope your week is a good one!!  I’m so glad you stopped by!!

12 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 9.11.23

  1. It’s beautiful here too. We’ve spent a couple mornings on the porch too. However, my porch still needs to be cleaned. Hope you have fun with your friend and I hope you enjoy your new Bible Study with your new group. We have a new study starting tomorrow night and I’m looking forward to it. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby and I hope your treatment goes really well again and accomplishes all it needs to.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the extended warmer days for sure. We also get cobwebs around the house. As soon as I knock them down they are back. I usually don’t bother in October and call them natural Halloween decor lol. Have a great week!

  3. how good to know your treatments are going well and that your life is full of celebration and beauty, friend. what a lovely, inspiring Monday post. so glad to have spent this time with you this evening, Jennifer.

  4. Hello Jennifer, it is lovely to meet you and read about your coming week. I wish you only the very best for each and every day, and thank you so much for stopping by.

  5. I haven’t dragged out our binds of fall decorations yet either but I figure I will soon once it cools off. I hope you have a wonderful week and happy anniversary!

  6. I would happy to have that cup of coffee with you, but only if there are no cobwebs 🙂 Speaking of…our back porch is screened in, but in the mornings and evenings, there are still some spiders up on the ceiling. I never go out early in the morning, for that very reason. But the other day I thought the coast was clear, so I went out to get something, came back inside and had walked around for a few minutes before feeling something on my arm and guess what? A spider!! Of course I screamed, brushed it off onto the kitchen floor and then couldn’t see it. Thankfully my husband saw it and killed it. So, every time I go out onto the porch, my habit is to look up first and make sure there are no spiders. Uggg…why must they exist?

    But, if the coast was clear, we would definitely sit and have coffee 🙂

  7. Well that patio looks so fresh and inviting, yes let’s take our coffee there! We had our anniversary last week – 43 years for us – where has that time gone? it must be good to have another treatment ticked off and I’m so pleased you aren’t finding them too difficult.
    I hope the new study group were kind and welcoming – I’m sure they were. So often the worrying about going somewhere new and not knowing anyone is much worse than what actually happens. After this visit, you won’t be the new girl any more!

  8. Well, Happy 38th! Well Done, you two!
    I hate that you have to have treatment on your special Day…but grateful the treatments exist to take!
    You’ll do just fine at bible study…Probably be able to teach them a thing or three!
    Hope you enjoyed the day with your bestie!
    Have a sweet week!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!! That’s impressive, and to be celebrated! I am with you on Southern Gospel music I was raised in the North Carolina mountains, so I’m a huge southern gospel fan. My Mom actually sang for a bluegrass group once with some of her fellow officers from the sheriffs department… lol that sounds very Andy Griffith but it was good, and they did a great job! And I totally understand being the new girl. Our family has only been here for a little less than a year, so I’m still usually the new one in our social circles. It’s something to get used too for sure! I am so glad to have found your blog, and thank you so much for the sweet comments on mine this week! Here is the amazon link to the rug, looks like they still have a ‘used like new’ rug for 78! It’s such great quality! Have a wonderful week, friend!

  10. Hi!! I am wondering if you remember me? I used to blog. Debbie @ The way we were? I stopped blogging a few years ago as I was just spending soo much time posting. I am just too gabby I think. Lol. But I have soo missed some of my favorite spots and you were high up on my list. I’ll have to go back and catch up with you as of course I am not sure what your treatments are for. But sure glad to hear they are uneventful! And happy anniversary! Hope you two have a wonderful day. I LOVE gospel music. I do remember we had many things we both seemed to love. Hubby and I will reach 49 years come February. Almost at that 50 mark! We have 12 grandkids now, 3 of them married, and two great grand kids and 1 more on the way! Life has been mainly good for us. A few hard times of course as what life is without them, but God is good. Arthritis pretty much everywhere makes getting around quite difficult, but I still sew almost daily. I can’t wait to read through more of your posts. I am on Instagram (gramdebb) but that’s about the extent of my online posting. Much love to you! Debbie

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