Gathering At the WellGood Monday morning – I am very excited about the beginning of the new blog I mentioned earlier last week…At the Well…and on Mondays I look forward to participating in their discussion groups. There are some really encouraging blogs linked up to this post – its even a little intimidating. I was challenged with digging into Titus 2 this past week and looking for God speaking to me through these verses.The challenge for this week was, after reading Titus 2:2-5, to look for your strengths and weaknesses and set a goal for yourself pertaining to those attributes. As I meditated on these verses, I was caught on the admonition to be discreet and to be chaste. Discreet is to be sober minded..or exercising self-control. I definitely like control…especially when I’m controlling others – whether I’m “positive” or (more often) whining, nagging, pouting or a million other mood swings! Ouch – definitely a weakness! God wants us to be an example – and be an influence, but I will be a much more effective example if I control my own reactions, comments and moods and not necessarily control everyone around me.Chaste is to be pure from carnality. Women are bombarded with ideas, images and suggestions for the definition of a successful wife/mother/woman. Even in the local Christian bookstore, the books for success are endless! It can be confusing and overwhelming and, often, discouraging. When this happens, it is time to get back in His word and draw close to Him in prayer.I would have to say, however, my greatest challenge from this passage came from the phrase “aged women”!! As I embark on this new “season” of my life – very soon to be an empty-nester – it struck me…I AM the aged woman!! After I got over the shock of the sound of that – it really is an awesome responsibility. God has told us to be an example to those following behind us in the paths we have already taken. This really applies to any age woman….wherever we are in life, there are woman coming behind you who need to learn from you – who need to follow your example. And that is a large task – one that I can only begin to do if I am genuine and real, if I will make myself available…and certainly only with His help and leading. That would certainly be my challenge from Titus 2:2-5. I hope you will visit At the Well and browse through some of the links – what a blessing.

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  1. Jennifer~
    If it’s any consolation, I’m an “aged woman”, too! Such a great post and definitely gives me a lot to think about and absorb…thanks so much! Have a Happy Monday!♥

  2. Jennifer,
    What GREAT thoughts today. I struggle in some of the same areas you do.

    While I still have a ways to go before being an “empty nester” (we are about to have blessing #6 in June, so it will be a while.. however, the oldest is a teen) I am in full realization that I am not so young anymore and the grey hairs are soon going to be outnumbering the brown!

    What a wonderful time in your life to begin truly encouraging and mentoring others with the Godly wisdom that you have already been shown.

    I am so grateful you have joined us today and look forward to spending more time with you At the Well.

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  4. Thanks, Jennifer, for the challenge. It’s really hard to think of being an “aged woman” but what an honor it is to model Jesus!
    I have to “take up my cross daily” and I stumble all throughout the day, but thankfully He is there to reach out His hand and dust me off and set me in the right direction if only I ask. And He gives us companions along the way.
    Thanks for being a beautiful example and friend.
    Hugs and Blessings!

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