Happy Friday

I so appreciate everyone’s opinion on the candleholders.  Looks like the tall ones have it:)  There was one vote for the short – oh, and then Hubbie’s vote.  Why, oh why do I even ask??  He, of course, picked “short”!  How am I to tell him he was outvoted by all my bloggy friends?!?! I am off to Home Goods and hopefully will have a finished table this weekend.  But, first, its time for a haircut. New salon.  New stylist. crying haricut You just never know for sure….. What fun plans do you have for the weekend?  And, by the way, did you happen to read the question of the week at Walking on Sunshine??  It was a good one to get you thinkin…and there were some good answers.  But, after thinking about it some more – I’m so changing mine.  Even told Hubbie…after I’m gone…so everyone will know I was right, just tell ‘em I said it was “Totally the Tomatoes!!”

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Oh how you always make me smile! I have given up years ago asking my hubby what he thinks. He is soo not a decorative guy, haha. He tries soo hard to just pick whatever he thinks I am leaning towards…

    Good luck on the new do. Let's see pics when you are done!

    Have a wonderful week-end my friend!


  2. I hope your new haircut goes well! Thanks for the shout out for my question! AND I think when you get to heaven, the Lord is going to put you in charge of the tomato planting! HA!!! Enjoy your weekend! Have fun shopping!!

  3. Love the epitaph, good luck with your new hairdo, just got mine cut this week, and boy did she cut. Dh said it would grow back. ~smile~
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hi! Jennifer, trying to catch up ~have been really busy! like everyone this time of year! and to say we are in the second wk. of Nov.Have been picking up Christmas a long the way! And yes~ I did see that beautiful rainbow! I love them~ a sure sign of HIS HOPE:) and also posted pics today of my Christmas Table @ my church last night. I was so Blessed by so many comments on it! BTW~ I have been looking for your space of where to join up w/ you and for the life of me I do not see it!! is there a secret way to do this?..LOL!! Blessings for a great Wednesday:)

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