Having to Say Goodbye to a Friend

A Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 25, 2010

Outside my window… it is unseasonably warm, which is lovely, but the wind sounds like it is about “to blow the house down!” (Not by the hair of my chiny, chin, chin…..which would be cute if there were not actually hairs on my chiny, chin, chin!!)

I am thinking….about my incomplete Bible study homework that I need to finish before tomorrow. The daily work has been great and the questions have really caused me to think. I just need to make it part of the routine…so, I am behind a couple days which stresses me. Homework is just stressful – at any age! And, then, in Sunday school, Pastor is challenging us to memorize the weekly scripture that goes with our lesson. Homework and memorization – ahh!

I am thankful for….Nellie (finally!) getting her driver’s license back. She passed on her third, and final, try. She was determined – and studied and re-studied the book and persevered. And she did it. That said – I am also quite nervous about her driving. It really is a difficult situation.

I am wearing….no coat today!! YIPPEE! Perfect sweater weather (at least for a day or two)..oh – and an umbrella!!

I am remembering…(if only I could say, this week’s memory verse – but I’ll get there)….way back to the elementary days and carpooling. I don’t know why……this heavy rain and the school buses going by remind me of so many similar mornings when I would take my three children and two others to school. The little boy I would take along had an absolute phobia of earth worms (go figure) and, of course, the sidewalk would have more than a few of these little creatures wiggling around after the rain – he was beside himself. Sadly, I really did not have the patience for it (for 20th time) each morning as I tried to load the van and get to school on time. Looking back, though, it was pretty funny. He is a VMI cadet now – some day, I’ll have to remind him how far his courage has come!!

I am going…to breakfast with my friend this morning. Panera on a Monday morning should start the week off right!

I am readingThe Power of Praying for Your Adult Children – excellent, so far.

I am hoping….to hear from Jordan soon. He lost his cell phone and I haven’t been able to contact him.

On my mind….is my sweet friend, Susan. She is moving this week and has been so upset. I pray I can be a blessing to her this week and that she will allow Christ to encourage her. She really does not want to leave (I don’t want her to leave either!) but God surely has good things in store for them in Pennsylvania.

From the kitchen…I hope to make some interesting meals for “one”….with my diet, I still need to feed Hubbie but not have much leftover – he does NOT do leftovers!

Around the house…..the refrigerator needs a repair (the ice maker/water dispenser exactly) and I surely hope the warranty will cover it. From my experience – warranties never cover anything.

Plans for the week…helping Susan dry those tears, working on memorizing, some chores around the house (boring), more looking at curtains (I have no idea here), more working on memorizing and, hopefully, a trip to the mall.

One of my favorite things….an organized junk drawer!!

10 thoughts on “Having to Say Goodbye to a Friend

  1. I don't know what it is about these daybooks that I love so much, but I just do. Maybe it is the quick glimpse into someones life that tells you we are all more alike than you would think sometimes. How I remember those early mornings and getting kids to school years. I think of them ALL the time. Maybe it was because the many years there were between all of my kids meant I was on it for years and years. Over twenty for sure, haha. Even when I wasn't driving them anymore, I still got up and fixed their breakfast and hurried them out the door. I miss it. SIGH… Have a great day Jennifer. Hugs, Debbie

  2. What part of PA is she moving to? I live in PA. I know it's a huge state, but you never know!!

    Anyway, I hate the worms that come out after a rain!! I hate them in the driveway thinking they'll get stuck to the bottom of someone's shoes and they'll bring them in the house, yuck!!

    LOVE Panera. I need to get there one day. Haven't been since the week before hubby left for the sand. Oh well! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hi! I am nowhere near Johnstown. She's close to Pittsburgh, so that should help some. I live in the northeast, about 20 miles north of Allentown.

    I love our floors, but they are a pain!! The first time we had company over, it was a wet day, not raining, but ice melting, etc. You should have seen the mess on my floors. I about died!!!

    This is how I clean our floors. I dry mop them with a great big microfiber mop that can be washed and reused. I picked it up in Walmart.

    I have tried a wood cleaner, recommended by the people who put the floors in. Very expensive and it just wasn't making them look nice. They had told me to just spray my dry mop with some water and that should do it. Well that just smeared everything.

    So then I decided to use my Bissell Steam Mop. I picked it up at Sam's Club. I love it on my kitchen floors. And when I use it, the floors dry very quick, almost instantly. So I figured it really couldn't hurt the wood floors and it does work very nicely.

    The people who installed our floors did tell me not to use the steam mop, but I've used it a few times, not often, maybe 3 times since November and it works fine. I mostly use the dry mop.

    Hope that helps you!!! Let me know what you use!

  4. Praying…and so thankful to read that Nellie got her driver's license back! What a huge blessing for her!
    Also, hope the Scripture memorization goes well.

  5. Hi Jen! Just thought I'd tell ya I love you and hope you have a good day 🙂 Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome box you mailed. I know it was stuff I was expecting but I wasn't expecting Riley's reaction! She flipped! Thanks for sending it 🙂

    Love you!


  6. Whew! You have a lot going on! I go to a Bible Study that has daily homework and it is hard to keep up sometimes.

    So sorry about your friend moving. I can't even imagine if my good friend moved far away.

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