Hello sweet friends…….

Oh, where to begin……if I only had some catchy title to announce the repair of my computer, my reconnection to cyberspace and my return to the blogging world!  But, suffice it to say…all of that is true.  Hopefully, my computer woes are behind me.  It has been quite the challenge – as well as quite nice in many respects – to be internet free/unavailable for almost two months but, yes, the time has come to finally reconnect! I have been trying to read your blogs and I am amazed at all that I have missed and the busy, eventful lives so many of you live!!  But it has been fun to “catch up” a bit and I will be awhile reading through back posts.  And then, of course, there will be posting of my own to do.  I have yet to decide how often that will take place but I’m just excited to, at least, have the option…..to blog or not to blog today?? My last post certainly was a cliffhanger – ok, may that is a stretch – but our daughter was soon to deliver….and deliver she did!!  Let me introduce the newest (cutest) little one in our family…  J-man photos Welcome Baby Jack…..or the J-man!!

11 thoughts on “Hello sweet friends…….

  1. Good Morning!! Oh I was soo excited to come on here this morning and see your post!! I have missed you so!! I knew your computer was out and I figured an email wasn't going to work either obviously and I would just have to wait, haha. Not the most patient of people I am….Anyway, I am soo glad you posted about that new grandbaby as I have wondered MANY times what happened. Sooo glad to hear all is well. How adorable he is. WELCOME BACK to the blogging world my friend. You were HUGELY missed by this gal here. Looking forward to more of an update later. HUGS, Debbie

  2. Welcome back Jennifer! I missed you! And congratulations on your daring baby grandson!!! Awwww, isn't it THE best!!!!
    See you soon.

  3. Hi Jen,
    Baby Jack is adorable! Glad all is well with you and yours.
    Missed you while you were gone.
    I just couldn't do everything when things got so busy with company, outside work and redos around the house, so I let blogging go for a little while.
    Super woman I'm not! lol It felt good not to have that pressure for a while, if you know what I mean.
    good to have you back.

  4. Welcome Back!! You were missed and I'm so glad to get an update, especially about that sweet new baby boy. He is precious, love the picture! Looking forward to keeping up with you again!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    so glad to see you are back, I have missed you girly!!

    Little Jack is just the cutest lil guy, he actually reminds me of my nephew when he was a baby. And how is your daughter coming along??? Back on her feet and well, I hope.

    Computer problems aren't they just the funnest thing!! lol

    They are great when they are working, but not sooo great when they aren't.

    Congratulations hon, on that adorable lil bundle you call grandson!

    So happy you are back………
    Love and Blessings,

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