Hi Friends

And, yes – I am back. Spending time today catching up on everyone’s posts and looking through your blogs…so much fun!! Have even had a few new friends introduce themselves while I was away. I will have a new post tomorrow.

And, where did I go? Well, a few hints: it involved A LOT of driving, one huge truck, the need for a new sweater and some great seafood as a reward!! I’ll tell you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Hi Friends

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Welcome back, missed you!!
    Good to hear from you today and glad you like my new background. No trouble with it, just felt I needed a change before fall comes.

    So you like my serendipitious delight huh!! It really was just that too!

    Bet your son will be home soon huh??? Bet you are counting the hrs……….so glad he is coming soon, know how special that is!!

    Hope you had a wonderful time whatever you did this week, I bet you helped your brother and his wife move??? Am I right?? lol
    Have a great evening,
    Love and blessings, Nellie

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