Hilton Head 2009

As promised, some (very random) pictures from our recent trip to Hilton Head Island. One thing I have noticed, for sure, that travelling with just the two of us….our vacation photos are not nearly as cute, fun or interesting as they were when the kids were with us. Love my hubbie dearly, but he just does not “do cute” that well!! 🙂 (I might have even heard some down right moaning towards the end of the trip when I’d break out the camera again…..nah, I doubt that!) I can only take so many shots of him…..so, we have pictures of

BIRDS!! The seagulls are actually cute…and not at all people shy!

Early on..and still being a good sport. Could be this is one of his favorite spots! At the end of the island (the “toe”!) there is a harbor…we love to spend time there – eating, shopping or chillin’ in one of the many rockers:)

No – I have no idea who these kiddos are….but I watched them play one morning while we were out walking – and I was so caught up remembering the many trips to the beach with our own little ones. Such great memories of our two little red heads and their tow-headed brother!! Life was so good. Our boys LOVED to play – like these guys – in the little of channel of water left behind when the tide goes out.

This is how Hubbie and I usually pulled up to the harbor……..NOT!! Oh my goodness, every time you think you’ve seen the best yacht ever – the next day, there is one bigger or even more amazing!! (Do people really live like that???)

My dad was a hibiscus lover!! These reminded me of him!!

Why does he always tan so easily??

I really like this picture – and I actually took it out a window through the glass. It was the view from the restaurant….and the seafood was as great as the view!!
Thanks for looking through my photos – maybe just a couple more tomorrow!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Jen 🙂 I can't believe how easily dad tans either! Wow! I didn't see ONE PICTURE of YOU though. Next time I totally want to see that! It's more fun with people in the pictures and there are none of the star blogger!

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