History in Pictures

These pictures were recently shared with my husband in an email entitled “Long Live the Queen”….cute. I thought the pictures – and their timeline – fascinating! Not to mention the queen is just lovely. How cool would it be to assemble a photographic timeline, of sorts, of my life???

Enjoy these photos, as well as your weekend. Just curious – which photograph is your favorite? Not necessarily your favorite president but picture….(although that might be one and the same:). Me? Just love the one of Her Majesty and President Reagan – she in her glasses and looking so serious and he so relaxed and totally enjoying himself. Oh, to only know what she had just said!!

7 thoughts on “History in Pictures

  1. Good Morning!

    I like the same one (imagine that? haha) But it just looks soo fun. She's got her reading glasses on and he is roaring in laughter. Wouldn't you really just love to know what she just said? And yes, a time line of pictures of your life would be great. Have a wonderful week-end Jennifer. I am getting a cold for sure. Can ya stand it? I am doing the biopsy NO MATTER WHAT….SIGH….HUGS

  2. What a woman! She would be interesting to talk to. I wonder if she has a blog…

    Thanks for sharing the fun today…

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    **And, thanks for your constant encouragement on my blog!

  3. It would indeed be interesting to talk with her. I'm with you…love the one of her with Ronald Reagan. Amazing to see her over such a length of time.

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