So, I was reading a post this morning (find it here) about loving our husbands in the “ordinary” things – those every day things that we do but that can be done with a true servant’s heart..and lots of love…to really express our love to our hubbies. It was a great post and I began thinking about ordinary ways to love my own hubbie. It didn’t take long for my old flesh to chime in with something like “he won’t even notice!” You mean, if I keep all the ironing done, or serve his favorite meal, or any one of many other things….he might not immediately stand and recognize me as the sweetest wife ever???! (Yes, my ole flesh is every bit that sarcastic!) I was quickly convicted that “it is not about me or my being recognized.”

Just a few minutes later, I came across another post about behind the scene servants – simply serving others and being a blessing without recognition. Of course, God knows and He recognizes. I was beginning to sense a message.

Two minutes later, a devotion arrived in my inbox. I haven’t even read it yet but its entitled “Is Not About You.” Ok. I got it. Lesson learned.

Does this type of thing every happen to you? Or am I just that thick-headed it takes three (or more) promptings to get the point.:)

6 Replies to “I Got It”

  1. Oh how I am chuckling with you!!! Often my first fleshly thoughts are a bit sarcastic. One of the areas I am working on! Plus, the Lord has to pound over and over to me too: It's not all about me. A lesson I'm working on each day.
    You are such a blessing to me!!

  2. Yep! This type of thing happens to me! Unfortunatly it usually takes at LEAST 3 to get the point! I am that thick headed and blonde! 'Nuf said! :~?

  3. happens all the time to me! I don't always get it the first time and wonder if He really means what I hear or read! So, i end up getting a few "clear" messages to confirm the thought! 🙂 I am glad you got it this time! 🙂 Aren't we all like that though….waiting and longing for the recognition! God does see ALL we do though. 🙂

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