I Have a Confession

I was a bit worried when I changed my background to “Autumn” that it might just be a bit early – but, silly me, from reading your comments, just about everyone is ready to put out their fall things! No matter that the temperatures are still hovering above 90….seems all of you are ready for fall! And, so am I. I am really ready for a change on the porch and patio as the summer flowers are just plain spent and the pots desperately need some refreshing. We will have to see how that project works out in the days ahead. I hope when all of you get those cute fall things displayed, you will share your “signs of autumn” with pictures:)

Ok – on with that confession. I have to admit – I really like big hair. You know – hair that has volume…and hair that has oomph – Oh, yea…you remember these girls well from the 80’s! Um, these are totally some pictures I found on the internet and if they look way too much like you…or your best girlfriend…I’m just having some fun. My hair never really did look that “big” but, I do like big hair. Hair that does not lay flat.
I’m not so sure that big hair is really so in style – even by today’s standard. In fact, I have spent the last six or eight months flatironing my hair every morning…so that it looks, well, FLAT. And the crazy thing is – I have a lot of hair (A LOT) and I could really do big (BIG) hair without even much effort……but I don’t.
Why, oh why, do the girls with straight hair pay big bucks for perms to curl while the curly hair girls flatiron with all their might to straighten?? The short girls long to tall…and the tall girls slump over. It is a question as old as time – and I doubt I have any new answers. I will say that while I have been dieting, I have really been trying to learn some “life lessons” along the way – as well as lose some unwanted pounds. Poor body image plagues me and I am seeking God’s help with this as I really do believe it displeases Him.
But, back to my hair. I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I certainly do NOT plan to go retro..but let’s see if I can get some kind of volume back into this hair of mine. Who knows??

And lets plan to do Friday with Friends this week. With everyone ready for fall – lets do a “summer wrap-up” of sorts. Perhaps with pictures:) A look back over this year’s best moments of the summer.
I hope you will join us – and encourage your friends to come for a visit. I will look forward to hearing from all of you!

11 thoughts on “I Have a Confession

  1. I love your new header, and I too am ready to put fall out, even though it is still hot here!! I was one of those gals with big hair too. I still like big hair. I have lots of thick hair, and it just gets big all on it's own.

  2. You've inspired my to change my layout…if I could just find the time! Those pictures make me think of what my hair looked like when I was in high school! 🙂

  3. HiJennifer,
    Thanks for coming over today??

    Now those girls have some big hair
    I have to say. I like it too, but I have only had big hair if I have a perm cause mine is straight as an arrow. can't wait to see your new do!!

    I am gonna be changing to Fall soon,maybe this week if possible.

    oh, that movie "Faith of our Fathers", we rented it at netflix.
    It wasn't gory or real graphic or I wouldn't have been able to watch it ether, but it was bad enough you got the idea.
    They were very mean and cruel tho.
    You just wanted to jump thru the tv and stop them.
    Definitely a movie worth watching.
    You could alway leave the room if it gets too bad. It makes you wonder how anyone could live thru that for 2 to 3 years. Awful!!

    Makes our problems look puny uny!!
    We are soooooo blessed.

    I will stop by on Friday if possible, but doubt I'll post anything cause our summer was sort of how do I say it….uneventful due to our circumstances. lol
    You have a great evening, I am like you I can hardly wait to start
    Fallersizing my house! lol
    Blessings sweetie,

  4. Be sure and post a picture of your new "do"! You have inspired me to get my fall stuff out. Sometimes I just don't think of it until Thanksgiving and then it is time for Christmas! I just have a few things, but I'm committing to decorate this weekend!

  5. Hi there, thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments on the KJV blog, really appreciate it.
    Big hair you say – I had big hair only once but yes I am guilty of the very straight hair person getting it permed and it turned out to be frizz – it looked OK in it's day but when I look back at those photos – oh my I'll settle for flat hair anyday.

  6. Yes! You have to show us before and after pictures of your hair. I like big hair too. I don't really have big hair, but I think when I am older and go to the beauty parlor once a week to get my hair done I am going to be all about big hair. Big and teased 🙂

  7. I am among the group so ready for fall! I'm making myself wait until September to change my blog layout and pull my fall decorations out. Loved the hair pictures!!! Your blog looks great!

  8. I do not have the knowledge or ability to change my blog background except to change the main picture ever once in a while! ha I do envy the cute blog layouts most people change for the seasons though. And yours looks good!

    Please post some pictures of your new "do" for us!! 🙂

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  9. Hi! I have been gone most of the day so I am just now getting around to some blogs. I am not the lesst bit surprised thst we have yet another thing in common. I LOVE big hair, hahaha….Now my is stick staight and over the years I have done everything I can think of to "fluff" it. Not a lot works I will tell you honestly. I am getting my roots touched up next week and I have decided to go a little shorter and a little fluffer, haha…You just can't go big with hair as straight as mine when it is long. I REALLY want to see you new "do" so hopefully you will post a pic. I am thinking very heavily of trying to get up some of my falls things tomorrow. We'll see how I do. I LOVE your new blog look too btw. Love to you, Debbie

  10. As women we are never satisfied with our hair. Like you said, if it is straight, we want it curly. If it is curly, we want it straight. etc. Be sure and show us your new do. I cut mine just a bit shorter this last time. That makes it appear thicker. Love your new fall header. Looks great. I am so ready for fall. It is slowly peeking in. Love & blessings from NC!

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