4 thoughts on “I Thessalonians 5:18

  1. Oh, Bless your heart!! I know you all have to be soooooo sick of that.
    That was a very obedient post, a sacrifice of praise, way to go girlie.
    Read where you have been cooking and baking, I was thinking my hubby would probably like that recipe where you put the stuff over the biscuits. Sounds yummy!
    Cooking is fun when it is so cold,
    cause it is nice and warm in the kitchen with the oven on!! lol
    That's why it is my favorite time for cooking!! lol
    Glad you are enjoying my heart info, it is actually a good refresher for me too. When you are trying to change lifestyle habits or any habit really it is almost like you have to be constantly reminded.
    Well, you have a good day tomorrow.
    Guess you will probably be staying in if you are snowed in again.
    Sorry about that………..wish I
    could dig you out and make it go away!!
    I am telling you God is trying to convince Pres. Obama that we do not have a global warming problem,
    but he is not getting it!!
    Have a good day tomorrow, cook something good!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

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