It Makes Me Smile:)

Friday….and on the fourth day…there was SUN! (not at first but, finally, by afternoon…for real and genuine SUN!)….and it was good!  Because, frankly, we have all been feeling a bit like this – 090511153141 Too many days couped up in the house makes a soul tired! I read part of quote one time that said, “Sunshine is delicious….”  Oh, indeed. Last night when we ran out to get some dinner…we spotted this family – and they made me smile! 090811192950 And, night before last, my (former) airman started a new job…working security while we goes to school. 090711144343 He works the midnight shift – as in stays up all night long!?!  Oh, to be young again.  Could not do that no matter how much they paid me.  But he does get to sleep during the day…which, for some reason, guys his age seem to have absolutely NO trouble doing!! And, yes, the photo is blurry and I caught him mid-movement but – it still makes me smile!     On one final random note, I made some banana bread this week!  Haven’t had it in way too long but it was definitely time!  Yes, banana bread (and just about anything that ends in bread!) makes me smile!! A few other things that make me smile: Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes are BACK!! Only four more days before we leave for Florida…and will meet the J-man for the first time!  It’s about time – he is four and a half months already!  Miss Riley is three already – and in Preschool!!  How did that happen?? Vacation plans! White pizza – with lots of garlic  (had that for dinner last night…and I’m still smiling!)   Apple picking…as in bonafide…walking the orchards, selecting the perfect ones and pluckin ‘em yourself from the tree (pretty fun for a city girl like myself!)  I have plans for this at the end of this month. Thrift store bargains – I have had some really good luck lately!  September birthdays…we have two at our house – and our anniversary too!  ANY excuse to celebrate…and eat fancy desserts!!   Have a sunny weekend, my friends!!

9 thoughts on “It Makes Me Smile:)

  1. Hello! This whole post makes me smile! : ) The deer family is soo darling. I can't imagine seeing that on my way to dinner…how neat. I am excited for you to meet the newest grandbaby….how wonderful. Times does whip doesn't it? Have a wonderful week-end, and enjoy that sunshine! HUGS

  2. Loved catching up with your week. Loved the pictures, especially the deer! Night shift is certainly rough, my dear husband has done it for years and definitely handled it better when he was younger!!! Have a safe trip to FL! Please bring some cooler weather!!

  3. I've got to get started with Fall, probably by going to Starbucks for that latte and searching out some pumpkin latte coffee flavors for home. Love the post…

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