Just Outside the City

There was a time – granted, it has been a while – when I seriously, and enthusiastically, considered myself a “city girl.”  The reality was (and is) I am as suburban as they come.  Neither city nor country.  I imagined having to love critters and other creatures great and small (which I do not) in order to be a true country girl.  And, truth be told, the idea of being a city girl just seemed more exciting.  A lot more fun…if not glamorous.  Oh, silly me.  While I am still firmly planted in the suburbs, my heart no longer has grand dreams of a hustle-bustle life in the big city.  And, although I would never make a homesteader, I can even imagine myself in the country.

Actually, the suburbs that I call home, and have for my entire life, are just outside the city.  The city that is our nation’s capital.  I do enjoy occasional day trips into the city but not nearly as often as I once did.  Going into the city rarely energizes or even excites me.  In fact, most often I find the city to be a disturbing reminder of how troubled our country is and I leave anxious, saddened, and agitated.   Yes, the monuments are moving.  Much of the architecture is grand and there are restaurants galore.  But the heart of the city – like most large cities – is very sad.

I know there is much application there.  The idea of looking past the pretty exteriors and realizing what lies behind, beneath or just inside.  The thought that our country is in desperate need of prayer.  And of revival.  Even further, there is the idea of being content exactly where God has placed me….and creating my home, and my haven, wherever that might be.  Even in the suburbs.  All are good thoughts for me as I consider today’s prompt of CITY for this Five Minute Friday post.  Where do you find yourself?  In the country, the city or somewhere in between:)  Wherever it might be, thank the Lord for putting you there.  And say a prayer for our nation.

Happy weekend!!

9 thoughts on “Just Outside the City

  1. Amen! Thank You, Lord, for being so gracious with my requests for where I wanted to live, who I wanted to be with and what I wanted to do for a living. Thank You for showing me where YOU wanted me and blessing me there.

    Great post! Thank you! (FMF#12)

    1. Rachel – so glad you stopped by today! Nice to meet you:) Isn’t it wonderful when God grants us the desires of our hearts!? I really believe He delights to do so!! Have a wonderful weekend –

  2. I love this! I can imagine how going into your city would hurt your heart. What a wonderful reminder to pray. I already do, but I could definitely be more diligent in that. My church prays for our nation and leaders for 24 hours every Tuesday. It’s a blessing to be a small part of that. I would love to come back and visit the DC area someday…the last time we were there, President O’Bama was still in office and my boys were YOUNG. Also I was very sick and seriously thought I had cancer or something even worse. I’d love to go and make new memories there! I don’t want to go anytime soon, though…it is such a beautiful place. The eating alone would be worth another trip! Why does it always come back to food??? Ha. Have a great one!

    1. I just that is amazing…that your church prayers for this nation for 24 hours every week!! Praying we see answers to many of those prayers in the near future! And, if you ever return to DC….please email me!! Hope you are having a great week, my friend!

  3. I definitely live out in the country but I do not think of myself as a country girl; I don’t grow vegetables or have animals or have any desire to homestead or live off the grid. I couldn’t imagine living in a city either though. I do like my quite spaces and nature and am not a big fan of crowds of people.

    1. Oh my, if I know for sure I would not make a homestead…I cannot even imagine trying to live off the grid! I am always so impressed with those who seem to do it so well. I really must be a wimp:)

  4. In another life time, I would have been a country girl. I aspired to be a country pediatrician in the Appalachian Mountains. And would like to have tried homesteading. But that ship has sailed and probably wisely so. Didn’t know how much I loved animals and children until I was all grown up and launched.

    City life is exciting but I think the hustle bustle would be exhausting. The constant adrenaline rush of traffic and people and noise.

    Funny, we are both probably right where we were meant to be!! Suburbs, baby!!

    1. A Mountain Pediatrician – doesn’t that sound idyllic!! At my age, so many ships have sailed. And I have almost (almost) gotten away from standing on the dock looking for them on the horizon. Sounds corny, I know…but how much time to I spend/waste doing just that?!?!

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