Lessons From A Hike

I have mentioned before that my son enjoys hiking.  I would say he is quite an experienced hiker.  He loves a challenging path and loves to discover ones as well.  This year he has done both.  Found some great new hikes…some of which have been quite the challenge.  Not only do I enjoy the views – through his photos – but I also get to enjoy the experience.  Through him and his stories:)  There are also lessons to learn.  For instance, the paths are marked (some more clearly than others) for a reason.  And – it is best to stay on the path.  To follow the markers.  Shortcuts usually do not end well.

He – and my brother, who often hikes with him – discovered this the hard way.  The story would take more than my five minutes (on this Five Minute Friday) but losing the marked path is not only extremely unnerving, it can be exhausting, painful, costly and not worth the imagined time saved.  That same lesson has carried over into more than one area of my life.  Areas that have nothing to do with hiking trails but very applicable, all the same.

Progress is almost always made slow and steady.  At least, progress that is lasting and of value.  Short-term progress (made in short amounts of time) most often is also short-lived.  For instance, the fad diet.  They often produce quick results and, seemingly, lots of progress towards your weight goals.  However, more often than not, that progress (those lost pounds) is temporary.  The can apply to many goals – for instance, financial or career goals – as well as toward making your dream a reality or working toward a major life change.

Although a path may be new to you, or perhaps the challenge is more than you anticipated, there are those who have hike that way before you.  Seek advice and wisdom from sources you trust.  In a sense, learn where the markers are along the way…and then stay on the path.  Refuse the short-cuts that look so tempting and promise a quick route to the end result.  Those path markers will keep not only keep you motivated but will get you where you want to be!

More FMF posts can be found here.  Here’s to a great weekend – maybe even a hike or two (around the block!!)  🙂

12 thoughts on “Lessons From A Hike

  1. It’s true – we often look for a quick solution, but most real, lasting progress is made gradually. The paths are there for a reason!

  2. What a good point! Lasting progress is slow and steady. And I loved your example of fad diets to prove your point.

    Let’s just keep on keeping on.

  3. ‘Twas in a dusty desert draw,
    when it was getting late
    that, tempted by what I saw,
    I nearly met my fate.
    I thought that I might take the ridge,
    and thereby make the climb,
    and in doing, might abridge
    the path that took such time.
    The way at first was very mild,
    but then I found that I
    had grasped a tiger, spitting wild,
    and was about to die
    until I heard God sigh and say,
    “Go back and take the longer way!”

  4. “Refuse the short-cuts that look so tempting and promise a quick route to the end result.”

    Amen! So often we want the quickest, easiest way towards an end goal. I have definitely found in my life that’s not how God works. Certainly He can change people overnight but for the most part there is a long, hard, but rewarding path He wants us to take that build our faith and trust in Him preparing us for eternity.

    Love this!

    Annie FMF#17

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