Life Interrupted

Around my area, we have traffic. A lot of traffic. And with the traffic, we have a lot of auto accidents. The radios run the traffic reports as often as the weather reports and the list of accidents is as common (or some days more) as the chance of rain! Unfortunately, traffic accidents become routine and honestly do not impact me too often (I did say this was unfortunate)….unless, of course, such an accident creates a traffic snarl where I am headed. If such an accident interrupts my day, then I take notice.

Its sad but true – often my real concern is whether or not my plans will be interrupted…or I will be late. For most of us, we do not enjoy life interrupted.

Last Friday, I had plans to spend one last day with Paul and Nellie. I wanted to help them finish some packing and, really, simply enjoy some last minute time together. However, I woke up feeling crummy. Stomach woes were definitely not part of my plan for that day. I tried pushing myself and simply felt worse and finally I had to call and cancel my plans. Life interrupted.

I was discouraged – and irritated. I really like for my days to go according to plan. I decided to lie down for a bit and, although I’m not normally a daytime napper, I was just dozing off when the phone rang. Talk about an interruption – and one that sorely tries my patience.

It was Hubbie. He had been in an accident. He was not hurt; however, it was a serious accident. Four cars involved. One person injured and three vehicles totalled.

I was so glad to talk with him – to hear, for sure, that he was okay. I was grateful to be home and available in order to meet him and pick him up. Had I been at Paul and Nellie’s house, I would have been way on the other side of town and probably would have not even heard my phone (that happens alot??!) Yes, I was thankful to have had my plans interrupted so I was there when my husband needed me.

Accidents always give us cause to stop and think – and I’ve done that quite a bit since Friday. As a very task oriented person…it is easy to be so focused and so purposed in order to complete our tasks for the day that interruptions…major and minor….can be such an irritation, we can miss so much.

We can miss God at work – not only in our life but in the lives of others around us. We can miss a miracle about to happen. We can overlook how God intervened to protect us and divert us. We can miss opportunities that would not have been ours without our plans being changed.

I don’t want to miss these things. Oh, I am not praying for routine, daily interruptions…but when they do come along, I’m praying for more patience, more wisdom and an expectancy to see what God might have planned instead.

I also want to remember when I hear about those daily car accidents – those are people who have truly had life interrupted. God grant me more compassion – and, once again, patience (do you see a recurring request here??)

This is Hubbie’s car. And, yes, the truck at the beginning of the post is the pickup that started the chain reaction – running into the car behind Hubbie…which caused that car to hit him and pushed Hubbie’s car into the car in front of him!! We are thanking the Lord for his care and protection for my husband. Not even a sore muscle. God is good.

10 thoughts on “Life Interrupted

  1. WOW…Praise God your hubby wasn't hurt or injured at all. You are soo right of course. We must remember (even when we are in a hurry) that EVERY moment of our lives are in His hands. When you think sometimes how every little second needs to line up just right in order for a person to be (or NOT to be) at a certain place at an exact certain time in order for something HUGE to happen (or NOT to happen) it really is overwhelming. A young girl who went to school with my daughter was killed last Fall when she was traveling home from a concert. 2 blocks from her home she was hit by a guy running a red light and killed instantly. I've gone over and over and over how everything thing she did, every conversation she had, etc. etc. had to line up as it did that put her right where it did at that exact moment in time. Her time was up even though she was only 22 and married only 2 months and had just graduated from college and landed on a new job. Her poor mother how my heart STILL hurts for her. Our lives really are soo fleeting and no matter what we think EVERY little moment and thing happens for a reason and is in His control and not outside of His knowledge. Sorry for the long comment, this is just a subject I have given soo much thought to. Again, soo glad you had a tummy problem and were home when you were and that your hubby was fine. Cooindidence? I think not…Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Deb

  2. So thankful your Hubbie was uninjured..PTL!

    I'm with you – I desire to be keenly aware of the Holy Spirit interrupting and rearranging my days! I don't want to ever miss His Divine interruptions!


  3. WOW! Hubbie didn't even walk like he was sore on Sunday…that is amazing how God protected him!

    I, too, want to have more patience when my "day" or my "plans" get interrupted…

  4. OH MY GOSH Jen! Poor Dad! Poor CAR! The car is TOTALLED! SO SCARY! Dad is SOOOOO lucky he wasn't injured. I mean, he is like, a walking miracle that nothing happened to him! Geez! Those pictures gave me a slight heart attack!! And the fact that he didn't call anyone right away and then like, WAY LATER that day said to me, "Oh yeah, I was in an accident"….well he is a goofball. Dad is WAY too chill sometimes! Hee-hee 🙂 Gotta love him though. I'm SO THANKFUL nothing worse happened. Can't BELIEVE the damage Dad's car suffered. So C-R-A-Z-Y!!

    Love uuuuu!


  5. Okay so I commented on this and now don't see it? So weird! Okay well you know I think this whole thing was NUTS and I can't believe Dad didn't CALL ME! He's sooooo lucky!

    Love you!

  6. Your husband was so lucky! As I always say, a car can be replaced, but a human life cannot. My precious friend lost her son 5 years ago in a car accident and it was one of the worst days of my life. I am so glad that your husband is OK. Praise God for that! Love & blessings from NC!

  7. So glad that he wasn't hurt! We live in a very small town, accidents are not that frequent, but I always think about how they would disrupt things for a while. I love your thoughts on this and the lesson we can learn to be alert to distractions and ready to move with God's plans. Thanks for sharing this. Hope the process moves smoothly for you.

  8. Wow! The car looks terrible- but sooo glad your hubby was okay!!

    Thanks for the reminder how "different plans" put in the right place where He wants us.

    God bless,

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