A Little Bit of Americana

Already Thursday and I have not been able to blog since Thursday. I guess becoming high-maintenance really does interfere with your computer time….oh, and your cleaning time, making dinner time, and – well, you get the picture. Definitely time to rethink my daily/weekly schedule.

But, onto better topics:) We had some snow this morning – a pitiful little amount – but they cancelled school and that cancelled Bible study this morning. Our friends in the mid-west would be either laughing hysterically or completely disgusted to think we could not make it to school this morning…but it is officially a snow day! With my change of plans this morning, I really have no excuse not to get caught up a bit at home today – but it isn’t happening!

There are too many project going on – the kitchen granite goes in next week – hooray! And somehow I got sidetracked and started the master bedroom. We are having that painted on Monday and who KNEW how difficult finding just the right shade could be!! I have been busy painting test squares of different colors on the walls – and immediately eliminating all of them!

I thought for my photo of the week, I would share the craziness I have created in my bedroom – but quickly thought again. So, instead a couple shots from our guest room – referred to as Tyler’s room:) When we moved in here, I decided I did not want to use my Americana things and stored them in the basement. They were there for a year. Recently, I decided the guest room looked “undone” but did not want to invest in new things right now – with all the other projects going on – so I pulled out what I had and used them again. Actually, they make me quite happy:)

The main thing I notice when I see these pictures is just how desperately we need to paint in there….ha! But when I look past that, I see Tyler’s things, his pictures and I see memories…even in the red, white and blue that was always a part of our house for so many years!

Try as I might, I just cannot get away from “all the bears”! They aren’t quite as everywhere as they once were, but some of them as just so stinkin’ cute and I can’t put them away. This little girl sits on top of Ty’s chest of drawers.

Did I not tell you the walls were stark?? But I love love the wardrobe full of Tyler’s treasures – so many memories packed on those shelves:) On the wall above is a favorite photo of Tyler and his bestest buddy, Morgan. I will share that picture at the end….

Well, I see some cords that need to be hidden:) The book on the table is Letters to God – from the movie. Absolutely precious…..

Morgan had this picture of him and Tyler drawn by a friend at church. It is a pencil drawing from a photo of the two of them on the first day of first grade! I tried to use some “fancy” effect on the photo when I uploaded it – but it looks a bit fuzzy. I think you get the idea, though. Two cuties excited about school and the best of friends!!
Have a great Thursday. Here’s hoping to getting something accomplished. Hubbie asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch. Well…that will cut into my day before having to go to work. But who passes up lunch with their hunky husband?? Not me:)

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Americana

  1. We got a light dusting of snow overnight…I'm SO glad it wasn't more! Enjoy your Snow Day! Be sure to show off your new granite…would love to see it! Have fun with your hubby at lunch…that's always the highlight of my week!

  2. Hi there. Long time no see. I loved seeing Tyler's treasures and his room. What comfort that must bring you. The pencil picture is lovely. Love the Americana!!!!

  3. Hello…I cannot seem to catch up this week either. I have had something everyday…anyway, I LOVE the room and all the red, white and blue. What a wonderful idea to have some of Tyler's special things in this room like this. It's perfect. And that pic of him and his buddy is just absolutely adorable, and totally priceless. I am excited for you to get your granite. YAY!! And, lunch with the hubby, NEVER pass that up. Hope you had a great day! HUGS

  4. Hi there Jen! WOW it sounds like you guys are doing some serious house renovating! That's awesome! Painting in your bedroom, new countertops and redecorating Tyler's room! You'll have to put up pictures of the new countertops and painted bedroom when it's all done with 🙂 Have you thought about finishing the bathroom in the basement? I know that was kind of started by the last homeowners and wasn't sure if you guys had entertained finishing that in the near future. Since you and dad are in renovating mode, maybe you can throw that in there too! 🙂

    Bob fixed our computer so it's all set to go but think I'll wait and start blogging again this weekend. Tonight I'm sitting on the couch using Bob's laptop while he works on our taxes. Hoping and praying we get SOMEthing back cause March is looking SUPER tight for us right now! It's funny cause when I look down, my stomach is totally lopsided. Jack is leaning or pushing to my right and it's actually super tender there and almost hurts! I actually had to press back on my right to get him to move slightly cause it hurt there for a few minutes!

    Anyways, gonna hit the sack cause I'm super sleepy and didn't get a nap yesterday or today. Ms. Betty has been over painting a Minnie Mouse mural on Riley's wall and we have been visiting all during Riley's naptime.

    Love you Jen and talk to ya later!


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