Looking for a New Sign

Live Large.  That’s it – the sign above my desk.  I see it every morning and multiple times throughout the day.  A daily reminder to live large.  To seize the day.  To embrace a new day and make the most of it.  To dream big and then work to make it happen.  All of which sounds good – even exciting – until it becomes more of a challenge to keep striving.  To do more….and make it happen.  For me, it seems to have become a quick mental reminder that there must be more (to a truly fulfilled life and purpose) and if I just keep searching, I can achieve it.  Then, I will, truly, be living large.

There is nothing inherently wrong with goals, with dreams, or even with a vision.  Certainly, there is nothing wrong with working toward goals…or with keeping busy in general.  But, lately, I’ve not only been assessing my attitude and mental approach to my days, but I’ve also been taking intentional steps toward a life that is quieter.  A life that is much less about striving – searching for more, trudging, toiling, plodding along and then pushing harder – and much more about living.  Enjoying this life I have been given.  I wonder if they have a sign for that:)

It has been a huge shift…not just mentally but in the way each day looks and feels for me.  (In other words, it has been a radical change and change is not always easy.  Two steps forward and one step back.  You get the idea.)  No doubt, some of this comes with my season of life.  I get that.  But the change of heart, of motives, of goals, and a real sense of change in purpose for each day…..that is something much deeper.  And it is exciting.

Interestingly, one of the biggest hindrances to better progress in this pursuit has been…well, me.  I get in my own way.  Letting go of how I valued myself or judged my success, etc. has been a struggle.  So, this post is largely a “note to self.”  A granting of permission.  Permission to:

* enjoy slow mornings…without the need to hit the floor running

* enjoy slow days

* stop living life checking things off a to-do list…thinking that doing so reflects a good day

* stop using others, and their standard of a purpose-filled life, in order to live my own – refusing to compare

* leave my planner unopened and empty

* browse, to daydream, to have goals and even work toward them….but to enjoy the process

Just the tip of the iceberg, but this is my five-minute post for today’s Five Minute Friday.  Just five minutes – and I may have gone over but the reflection has been helpful.  Enjoy the other FMF posts here.  Happy Friday, friends!!

12 thoughts on “Looking for a New Sign

  1. Yes, I want to trade in the idea of living large for laughing large and loving large. I want to let go of my control freak tendencies and find rest and peace in God. I am stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  2. I’ve had a season of giving myself permission to slow down. It’s not easy for me, but it IS good for me! Yesterday I took a nap after work and ignored my planner and to-do list. The world didn’t end.

  3. I enjoyed reading your reflections here. I’m reading through 1 Thessalonians at the moment and I was struck by chapter 4 verse 11 where it says “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” That goes so much against what culture would tell us. I think there are times to live large and other times to slow down. The challenge is working out what season we’re in.

    1. Oh my – I have been meditating often on that verse. I had meant to include it with this post (those five minutes go so quickly). But this change of attitude and mindset is certainly a Spirit-led one. Thanks for your comment!

    1. Permission granted:) I’m so glad you stopped by today and took the time to comment. Have a wonderful weekend, Barb!

  4. This is EXACTLY where I am these days. I have been reading a book called Yeah, No. Not Happening by Karen Karbo. It talks about this crazy uptick in ‘influencers’ and the push for self-improvery. Hoping to get the book finished this week and to put my thoughts into a post. My technology and blog issues have caused me to slow waaaay down on all things technology lately and that has been so nice. I have been making my to-do lists – mostly as a brain dump – and then never looking at them!!

    Yay for you to be looking for a new ‘sign’ and motto. Let me know when you find one that fits and I will get one, too!!

  5. Carpe diem, seize the day!
    Life should be no sullen flog.
    But, my friend, what’s more my way
    is Carpe canem! Seize the dog,
    for someone let the dogs all out,
    who it was I do not know,
    and with hue and cry and shout
    across the fields I madly go
    to corral them, one by one,
    and bring them back unto the home,
    for at setting of the sun
    it’s not right that they should roam
    and frighten off the mountain lions
    who can’t read “Cave canem!” signs.

    ‘Cave canem’ – beware the dog

  6. Jennifer, your writing is so beautifully worded. This post really hit me where I needed it. I think I’m going to write down your permission list as a reminder to myself! Thank you for this.

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