It’s time for Five Minute Friday (writing freely and unedited for five minutes…..which is still a struggle) – but I have to admit when I saw today’s prompt, my first thought was this is the perfect week to pass.  Sigh.  But, in an attempt to be honest and perhaps more transparent than I tend to be, I am joining the great group of writers of FMF.  Check them all out here.  Today’s prompt: neighbor.

Galatians 5:14  “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

GO  At least weekly – almost daily – I am reminded (by the soft nudge of the Holy Spirit) that I am to love my neighbor.  It is not that I dislike neighbor but I am to do more than just be neighborly…with a wave from the car as I retreat into the garage or a quick hello if we happen to retrieve the mail at the same time.  Loving my neighbor is even more than occasionally watering the plants when they are on vacation.  God wants me to sacrifice myself…to put myself out…to really invite my neighbor into my world.  But it’s hard.  Every effort is resisted and, if I am honest, another attempt just does not seem worth it.  But there is that persistent nudging.

I am not told to love my neighbor….unless it is too hard.  In fact, none of God’s commands (give sacrificially, evangelize the world, offer forgiveness….) come with an exception clause – for when it’s just too hard.  Loving my neighbor is no different.


Hopefully, putting these thoughts into a post will make for some accountability.  On Tuesday I will share some ways to try and reach your neighbors – because it is impossible to share the love of Christ with them until we first show our love for them.

3 Replies to “Love Thy Neighbor”

  1. Glad you decided to join the FMF community today and share your thoughts on loving your neighbor. I agree, it's difficult at times, but God calls us to do it and enables us when we don't feel like we can. Blessings!

  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. It's true- following God's commands is not easy, but he still calls us to make an effort an it does call for sacrifice sometimes. I struggle to know how to love my neighbours well too.

  3. Oh boy. You've got it there. We should love whether it is hard or not. Jesus didn't stay away from the hard. Great post! I guess one of the best things we can do for loving our neighbor is to be willing to just do it and see what God does as we step forward in our efforts.
    FMF visitor. 🙂 – #68

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