Several months ago, we “cut the cord.” Or, we canceled our cable.  And we haven’t missed it one minute…well, except for HomeTown.  Have you watched HomeTown?  Absolutely one of our favorite shows and we had to manage a way to watch the current series without our cable subscription.  If you are not familiar with it, a young, Mississippi couple renovates old homes in their home town (hence, the title….) of Laurel.  The homes are simply beautiful when they are finished!  Ben is a master furniture maker and sometime during each episode, he crafts a gorgeous piece of furniture to be used in the makeover.  He usually repurposes lumber taken from the home during demo.  It never ceases to wow me!  So much talent!

I, personally, know other men who can build just about anything – from gorgeous mantles to entire homes.  My uncle was known for building clocks…from wall clocks to incredibly detailed grandfather clocks that he crafted by hand in his backyard workshop.  What can be built by talented craftsmen just amazes me!!

I have no idea if Noah was a craftsman – or a carpenter.  Obviously, God chose him to construct the ark because of his character.  That we know. (“….Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation, and Noah walked with God.”   Genesis 6:9)  But it wouldn’t be hard to believe that he also had some wood-working skills – even some experience building.  Whatever his experience or talents, God gave him specific and detailed instructions in order to build an ark.

I have always looked to Noah as an example of faithfulness that persevered.  That endured – despite whatever ridicule or mocking he might have received.  Despite the enormity of the task…and the years it took to complete.  But I tend to overlook the faith that it took to simply begin.  Before the preserving ever “kicked in.”  I just wonder, had I been given such a seemingly impossible task, would I have been stuck?  Paralyzed to the point of inaction because I could not wrap my head around all the details….the ones I’d been given AND the ones left unsaid.  Of course, such inaction would have been disobedience.  It still is today.

STOP – My five minutes are up….but this thought is just one more layer of surrender (my word for this year) that God has been teaching me.  Surrendering my “need to know” all the details.  My “need to know” a full timeline or schedule of events for the Lord’s plan.  In so doing, I can move forward – in obedience – whenever and however God leads and I will not risk being stuck (in disobedience) as I wait for more details.