Many Blessings and a Few Prayers as Well

On Monday, my friend Leslie hosted her Ten on the Tenth link-up.  It is a monthly “list” of ten things or ten questions answered about a topic.  The topic for this month was ten hopes, prayers or plans for the year ahead. I already had this post in the works and, although it is a bit of a twist from her suggestion, I thought I would include it now.  Looking back at last year (one last time) and taking note of its blessings.  There are blessings aplenty – even in the most trying of years.  I have decided to simply list them…without much comment.  They are rather self-explanatory.  And, I will include some thoughts/hopes for the year ahead – and then join the link-up a tad late.  You can check out the others here.

Ten of God’s most obvious blessings in my life:  my husband; my two adult children (this phase of life/parenting is so enjoyable); our two crazy grand pups (they make life silly); our home (it is my happy place); good health insurance; my church family; the children’s class that I teach each Sunday morning; friends – both new ones and friendships that have endured for years; my Bible and the freedom to read it whenever I wish; and my salvation.

Ten less obvious (but just as wonderful) blessings in my life: Bailey (the older grand pup) is staying healthy and seems to be doing so well…for a very senior pup; a reliable car that has not needed any major repairs (got a new battery recently); my brother lives within driving distance now; good public transportation in our area (for seeing said brother!); no family drama in December; the ability to make video calls and stay connected with those so far away; John’s ministry and monthly meetings with men from church; friendships that I have made strictly through blogging; weekend getaways (our WV one last year was especially fun); missionary friends (one who finished deputation and leaves for the field next week!); and Jordan enjoying Alaska so much (he may even decide to stay).  Um, that might be more than ten.  Oops.

Ten blessings specific to 2021: my husband was able to fully retire; Jordan was able to come home for Christmas; we were able to pay off our house and retire our mortgage; living completely debt-free; both of us enjoyed good health all year; John recovered from knee surgery in half the time predicted; we enjoyed an unexpected but very special visit from a favorite relative in March; once a month Saturday breakfasts with my bestie (we only missed one this year….due to covid); church remained open all year (no one was seriously ill from the virus); and, everyone was together for the holiday (not sure if that will happen in 2022 and don’t want to take it for granted)!

Ten prayers or goals for this new year ahead: we hope to travel to Alaska this summer; we need to replace one of our ac units this year; the restored good health for one family member that has struggled for quite a while; replacing/updating all the doorknobs in the house (doesn’t sound big – but I have been wanted to do this for so long!); at least three short getaways planned for this year; visiting my elderly aunt soon (why do I keep putting this off?); enjoy an in-person Bible study again; continue getting outside every day; prayers for some big goals that both of my children have; prayers for the salvation of several I love.

6 thoughts on “Many Blessings and a Few Prayers as Well

  1. This is a wonderful list of things! Out of all that, I picked up on that you hope to travel to Alaska this summer. I want to go there so badly someday! It is beautiful and my husband and I have always said we wanted to go there and visit. I’ve seen such breathtaking photos of the place and my dad has been there several times as well. Another place I’d love to visit someday is British Columbia…particularly the area where Lake Louise is. Have you seen pictures? It’s fun to dream. Congratulations again on paying off your home! What an incredible accomplishment. I hope you have a great day, my friend!

  2. What great prompts to ponder and write down! I enjoyed reading it. I love how you focused on relationships- with the Lord, your family and friends. The rest of the good things are wonderful but those are the best.

  3. I so enjoyed reading this. I like the way you adapted the prompt. Sounds like 2021 was a pretty good year for your family. Hope you will get to Alaska this year, get those doorknobs changed out…I think that sounds like a big undertaking but probably because I wouldn’t know how to do it!! We need to paint the interior before much longer and would love to rip out the carpet and replace it with wood looking tile. But that is a dream for another decade. Congrats on retiring your mortgage and your husband’s fulltime retirement. Paul is dying…bad choice of word…anxious to retire. But we need to pay off our house first. And then see where we are. He has 5 years left toward full retirement but we might be willing to take a penalty to have him retire earlier. Go see that aunt, get outside, find that inperson Bible study. Have a fabulous 2022.

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