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I have a great desire to know Christ…to really know Him. To try and better understand His thoughts, His ways and His motives…recently I read a devotion by Charles Stanley that God wants that, too – for me to know Him. He said, “To know God is not purely an intellectual pursuit…we must allow God to unveil Himself in life experiences,” and that “a truth about the Lord is not truly ours until He works it into our daily life.” Oh, I so believe that – and I embrace it when life’s experiences bring happiness and peace. But, oh how I can learn to know God when life brings difficulty and pain.

Grief allows us to know God…to learn His ways and to experience them…in a unique way. I recently “met” Lynette through blogging. She is also a grieving mother – three times! Her blog, Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground, is beautiful. She is using her experiences through grief and getting to know God intimately to encourage, instruct and uplift others…and it is a blessing. She recently started a new website, Growing Through Affliction, that is tremendous. It includes her story (so I won’t give that away) as well as articles and resources that provide “Motivation to have courage. Motivation to find purpose. Motivation to finish strong.”

I encourage you to visit both the blog and the website. I’m sure you will come away saying, “Wow….” and inspired. By the way, her daughter has a blog and her momma even has a blog (with the most beautiful poetry) cool is that! Lynette, thanks for all your hard work on the website. I know God can use this in a powerful way.

4 thoughts on “Meet Lynette

  1. Boy do I feel blessed and encouraged after reading your post Jennifer.

    I am so thankful to Jesus for blessing others lives through our story. I’m thankful to people (including you) for sharing my life and ministry with others so that I can perhaps touch their lives too.

    To take a whole blog to share about me and my ministry just, well, blesses my heart.

    You are precious. Perhaps our children are playing together in Heaven and they asked Jesus to let us meet. You think? 🙂 Well, I’m so glad we did.

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