A Message from My Nephew

These are my cute nephews….two super sweeties! They live too far away – in Texas – and I don’t get to see them much but I do love them.

When I wrote about God supplying my need yesterday, I wanted to share a sweet story about my younger nephew (the cutie on the left) but my post was getting long so I saved it for today.
Thanksgiving was nice at our house last week. Hubbie and I had dinner with our children and even the daughter’s boyfriend 🙂 and it was a good day. But, as nice as the day might have been, we were missing Tyler….we are always missing Tyler! However, it seems no one really wants to mention how much they are missing Tyler for fear of upsetting the day. This really does not work…but back to my story.
Thursday evening I was talking with my brother and his family on the phone….and my nephew wanted to make sure I knew that he missed Tyler, was thankful for Tyler and was thinking about him!! What a thrill to this mother’s heart!! I know we all miss Tyler – but to hear someone acknowledge it and to tell me was a balm for my sad heart.
Please do not be afraid to mention the name – to talk about – loved ones you are missing during the holidays. Mothers, especially, so want to talk about their babies (no matter what age!) and it would be a gift for you to share with her. During the next week or so, I will share some other ideas I found helpful for dealing with grief during the holidays. The holidays can, indeed, be difficult for grieving hearts….but, as I said yesterday, God will supply all our need.

9 thoughts on “A Message from My Nephew

  1. What a sweet, heartwarming story! I lost my mom, brother, and dad in only 6 short years beginning in 2000 (forgive me if I’m being redundant). So, I know a lot about grief and loss myself. One thing’s for sure, I couldn’t make it through without the grace of God.

  2. I don’t know the your story with your son, but I am sorry. I can’t imagine what you go through daily, but thank you for encouraging all of us with your words.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier. I lost a son 4 years ago and I still talk about him like he’s still here. I don’t mean in a weird way, but he was our baby and he was alive and I WANT and NEED to talk about him. I totally agree with your statement, and I’m sorry for your loss. Sometimes it takes children to really understand.


  4. What a sweet nephew! It will be one year ago on the 21st hat we lost our son. We never got to know him but it doesn’t make it hurt any less and it warms my heart when others remember him. May the memories of your son always remain bright.

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