Mom’s Bed

Things that I love around my house (part two)……my bed! And I warned you this would be totally random – but let me explain. When we moved into our new house, we bought a king size bed! Married almost 25 years and – Bliss, I’m telling you. I suppose during those first five or so years of marriage, we were perfectly thrilled with our queen size bed. (Probably could have been fine with a full size….) Then, somewhere around year 10 or a bit more, things were beginning to get more uncomfortable. Sure, we had both added a bit of bulk, you might say, and it was getting crowded but – the snoring?!?! Please. And, after year twenty – not only was the bliss quickly evaporating but my back hurt every morning on our old mattress.

Hello…new, wonderful, roomy, back doesn’t hurt a lick mattress that is pure wedded bliss! But that really is not the reason I love my bed. It is really more for the comforter set.

It was my mother’s set that she had custom made just a few years before she died – so I guess it is a one-of-a-kind in more than one way. I don’t suppose I would have ever chosen purple on my own – but I just love this purple. I love the plaid bedskirt and the cute accent pillows. The whole things is “just so my mom” and brings her to my mind just about every morning as I make the bed. And what a nice memory to start the day.

The cute little prim friend is mine (not from mom’s house) and was a birthday gift from my sweet girlfriend. She reminds me of her, as well, and that makes me smile!!
I’m trying to visit your blogs and “keep in touch” while in Florida but if I miss your posts, please keep coming by…I love your comments. I hope everyone will come by on Friday – for my special (fun) announcement!

5 thoughts on “Mom’s Bed

  1. I really like your purple. Yes, the snoring and the sore back does get in the way of our peaceful sleep, doesn't it. Glad your new mattress is helping.

  2. I love, love, love this set!! The memory of your mom makes it all the more special! My mom loved making her bed beautiful and there was always something special about "mom's bed". I wasn't able to keep any of her bedding (wrong size etc.) but the love for a beautiful bed lives on in my heart.
    Hope that you are having a great time! It is very hot right now!!

  3. I can't believe I'm telling this, but, we were so poor when we were first married, we slept in a twin bed, because that is what came with the mobile home we lived in! Syncronized turning was involved! ;~P (But, hey, that was so long ago, I almost forgot about it!) We now, blissfully, have a king sized bed! No more choreographed moving but it didn't improve the snoring! Now it's a quick poke and "Please, turn over!" and then both back to quiet slumber.
    Your comforter set is lovely and so full of delightful memories of mom! Yes, a wonderful way to start the day!
    Enjoy your time in Florida! Looking forward to Friday!(?)

  4. Good Morning! I can see why you love this comforter set! It's gorgeous, and I LOVE the purple. My daughter had a REALLY pretty lavender and mint green comforter set for her bedroom right before she married that she left behind. It is in my guest room right now…It is nice to get a sweet reminder isn't it? Snoring is a REAL problem over here king size bed or not, haha… Hope you are enjoying your trip. HUGS, Deb

  5. what a wonderful bed! 🙂 How special to have that comforter set, and even still a wonderful way to have sweet thoughts to start the day! 🙂

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